Advantages of Meditation

By Nmami Agarwal             12/29/2016

Advantages of Meditation

In this fast paced scenario, we generally do not have time for ourselves and if we are bit aware then the first thing we realise is that we need a gym or need to work out regularly, which is important but then what about your mind? Everything is actually done by our mind and what exactly are doing for it? Let’s talk about Meditation today; Mediation is an ancient way of connecting yourself to god as they say and to you. I say let’s fist get connected ourselves then we’ll see that if we can actually get in touch with almighty. There are n number of advantages of meditation let’s see.

  • Fights from depression: Meditation keeps you away from stress and anxiety issues because it develops mindfulness. The people who practise Meditation are unlikely to get any mood swings or irritation which makes your brain function accordingly and help to come out from depression.
  • Live longer: Telomeres are the cells in human body that affects how our cells age. Some forms of meditation have an incredible impact on telomeres length maintenance with positive thinking and no stress, which leads to a better mindset and may help you to live more.
  • Calm your mind and soul: Mediation makes you connected with yourself. It makes your mind stop from chattering and gives you some time to be calm. Which results in amazing self control wherein one can also overcome from alcohol and other addictions.
  • Improves memory: long and regular practise of meditation makes your brain very strong which results in increased grey-mattered density areas of the brain which gives you learning memory, compassion and self awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence: Through meditation, one can start the process of controlling the mind and increase the mental strength, resilience and give control over your emotions and thus, make you emotionally intelligent.

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