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Diet advide for seniors

Lose weight. Cut down on facts. Don’t stress.

But does this ensure a healthy and happy ageing?

Senior Citizen Diet Plan

When most 60+ individuals search the internet for an Indian diet plan for elderly all they get is generic advice like cut down on sugar, eat light, or rough up your meals with fiber. We don’t deny that it’s the right advice, but it’s not the end-all for a senior citizen diet plan.

A lot more is required for seniors to ensure a healthy and happy aging.

So, how to age gracefully with youthful energy and good health?

Ageing increases body’s need for nutrition. Your metabolism slows down and rate of absorption of nutrients reduces leading to slower regeneration of cells, low immunity, poor digestion, fragile bones, and fatigue.

Eating right becomes more important than eating less or more. All those medical conditions reduced physical activity, and internal hormonal changes call for a major shift in your diet. A change in lifestyle may also give you different health goals now and would alter your meal times, duration and portion size drastically.

How is Nmami Life different?

Although elevated levels of cholesterol and lipids affect everyone almost, in the same way, the treatment plan and how the medicine functions in your body are highly variable. Hence, at Nmami Life, we approach the management of cholesterol and lipids level with an individualistic perspective. Therefore, your ‘senior’ diet plan must be packaged in easily digestible forms that are spread evenly throughout the day after considering:

  • Sex: Male, female, other
  • BMI: Underweight, overweight
  • Medical history: metabolism, allergies, age, BMI, genetics, etc.
  • Lifestyle: Previous and current, their allowances and limitations.

Let’s design a health plan for you that refills your life with health, joy, and youth.

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