Personalised Diet Plan

The cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work when it comes to diet and nutrition since every individual is different and unique. Hence, Nmami Life advocates a personalized approach to diet and meal planning.

What does ‘personalised diet plan’ mean for me?

The food items that you can easily consume, could put someone else in an anaphylactic shock. Some people can eat as much as they want without gaining a gram, while you can’t.

So, a diet that worked for someone may not work for you even if you share the same health and fitness goals and same genetics. Hence, you require a tailor-made plan for yourself if you have certain health goals in mind.

  • Customised diet plan, portion sizes, and rotation
  • Cooking tips and eating habits to adapt to your lifestyle
  • Inclusion of essential and appropriate level of physical activity and relaxation techniques

How is Nmami Life different?

Nmami Life is known for its custom-designed diet and nutrition plans which are curated after considering everything that makes you and your health goals unique, which include:

  • Age: Kids (infant to adolescents), adults, seniors
  • Health goals: Weight management, athletics, and sports, therapeutic, size zero management, muscle development, etc.
  • Individual and family medical history: Genetics, allergies, BMI, etc.
  • Diet preferences: Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, paleo, vegan, ketogenic, etc.

A personalized diet will help you stay healthy and become more vigilant of any disorder-related symptoms. To get back to being healthy and stay healthy, you need a plan customised to you and your lifestyle.

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