PCOS Diet Plan

Out of all the hormonal disorders, women suffer from, thyroid imbalance and PCOD (PolyCystic Ovarian Disease) is the most common and overlooked ones. Although they both are quite different from each other, they share similar symptoms and therefore, if you have PCOS or thyroid, it’s a good idea to get yourself checked for another.

While the treatment is medical, a PCOS diet plan and nutritional coaching are crucial in speeding up recovery and reducing the severity of the disorders.

What does ‘Nutritional coaching’ mean for PCOD and Thyroid?

In both the disorders, the body slows or stops responding to insulin and thus, women gain weight which further exacerbates the symptoms and risks that are very similar to that of obesity, such as diabetes, infertility, heart disease, sleep apnoea, and uterine cancer.

Nutritional coaching helps women modify their lifestyle and adopt PCOD diet plan to lose weight and better manage the disorder which includes:

  • Awareness of food items and eating habits that could push women towards obesity
  • Diet and nutrition meal plans which reduce body weight without compromising the body’s muscle-fat-weight proportion
  • Including exercise and strength training for building muscle mass and for healthy weight management
  • Cooking tips to stay on track

How is Nmami Life different?

Since a lot of genetic and environmental factors are involved in determining the course of treatment and pace of recovery, Nmami Life approaches the disorders with personalization. We take all the following factors into account before designing an Indian diet plan for PCOS weight loss:

  • Age and stage of fertility (childbearing or post-menopause)
  • Weight and genetics
  • Individual and family medical history
  • Lifestyle: Active or sedentary, individual preferences

A session with Nmami Life will be an eye-opener and will introduce to you unique ways to manage your disorders without major lifestyle modifications.

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