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Cholesterol management advice:

Lose weight. Cut down on fats. Don’t stress.

But the advice itself is stessing you out, isn’t it?

Management of Cholesterol and Lipids Level

Do you want to bring your cholesterol and lipid levels down without topsy-turvying your life?

Congratulations! You’ve reached the right place. Don’t be surprised when we say that Nmami Life will give you the common advice for your condition like losing weight and practicing relaxation techniques.

However, that’s just the beginning of your personalized diet plan for a Therapeutic Lifestyle Intervention that:

What does “Therapeutic Lifestyle Intervention” mean for Cholesterol patients?

Therapeutic lifestyle intervention works in tandem with your medical treatment and accelerates the recovery with the use of proper diet and nutrition in the following ways:

  • Promoting heart-healthy menu without compromising on taste
  • Managing your healthiest weight in the smoothest way possible
  • Balancing LDL and HDL levels effortlessly
  • Cleansing your liver
  • Keeping a check on your blood sugar

How is Nmami Life different?

Although elevated levels of cholesterol and lipids affect everyone almost, in the same way, the treatment plan and how the medicine functions in your body are highly variable.

Hence, at Nmami Life, we approach the management of cholesterol and lipids level with an individualistic perspective. Your diet and plan of action would be customised to your specific needs, such as:

  • Sex: Male, female, other
  • BMI: Underweight, overweight
  • Lifestyle: Smoking, consumption of alcohol, busy, physically active
  • Genetics and illnesses: Unique health conditions, family’s medical history, allergies, etc.

Let’s make this a breeze. Let’s keep the food interesting and life full of joy!

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