Diet Plan for Diabetes

Your blood sugar (glucose) level varies throughout the day. If gone undiagnosed, both high and low blood sugar levels (hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia, respectively) predispose an individual to a plethora of health conditions. They range from dizziness, fainting, inflammation in blood vessels and nerves, cardiovascular illnesses to stroke.

However, a diet plan for diabetes can help avoid these conditions.

What does ‘lifestyle modification’ mean for diabetes patients?

When it comes to blood sugar, something that could shoot up or sink within hours without any warning signs, awareness is your best defence. So, this is where we begin modifying your lifestyle. Other changes include:

  • Coordinating diabetes food list and medication
  • Coordinating life with physical activity
  • Stress management

How is Nmami Life different?

Nmami Life believes that every individual is different and thus, we design every diet plan for self-management of diabetes in collaboration with the client. Just like your blood glucose targets, the self-care plan of action depends on:

  • Duration of diabetes and management course
  • Age: Children, adults, seniors
  • Health conditions: Individual and family medical history, co-morbid conditions
  • Lifestyle: Individual patient considerations and preferences

Any session with Nmami Life will be an eye-opener and will introduce to unique ways to have food for the diabetic patient that stabilises blood glucose levels.

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