Diet for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the time when your body changes every day and reacts differently to the food and nutrition you take in. Hence, your diet changes on a weekly basis and so you need a proper pregnancy food chart.

Why do you need a diet plan designed by a nutrition expert?

During pregnancy, women receive all sorts of advice from all sides, some based on personal experiences and anecdotes while some as traditions. Not to mention the various myths associated with food and eating habits, the mood fluctuations, and activities to avoid during pregnancy.

With two lives at stake, more and more care and precaution are required. Therefore, pregnancy is the time when the role of a professional dietitian and nutritionist becomes paramount.

If you’re planning to bring a little angel in your life or going through a pregnancy, you’ll need special dietary considerations and meal plans that are customised to you.

How is Nmami Life different?

Nmami Life’s plans are fully personalised taking into account your complete medical history, lifestyle, and personal preferences so that pregnancy becomes a blissful experience of your life.

  • Diets and nutritional coaching to prepare your body for pregnancy
  • Trimester and week-wise diet plans depending on the stage of your pregnancy and ideal body weight
  • Post-partum personal care and weight management during the lactation (nursing) stage
  • Nutrition for the type of childbirth opted or as advised by your OB-GYN: Normal or Caesarean section (special care for before and after delivery)
  • A list of foods to eat when pregnant for various preferences (Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, etc.)
  • Special dietary considerations: Twins or triplets, past medical history of premature delivery, the age of the mother, IVF, medical conditions, such as diabetes, abnormal weight, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy-related thyroid, etc.

Nmami Life is dedicated to making your pregnancy in a stress-free, happy time of your life with an assurance of a healthy mother and child.

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