Diet for High Blood Pressure

If you’ve been scouring the internet for foods to avoid high blood pressure or ones that could lower it, then you’ve landed at the right place.

Millions of people suffer from hypertension and it is a concern for both men and women. A rare form of blood pressure issues is hypotension. The bad part of blood pressure issues is that they are silent — there are no adverse signs which, if left undiagnosed and untreated, could prove fatal.

However, the good part is that a diet-based lifestyle modification is all that is required for managing it.

What does ‘lifestyle modification’ mean for blood pressure patients?

Lifestyle intervention is the first line of treatment for blood pressure patients and includes:

  • Losing weight and managing a normal range
  • Switching from a regular diet (foods that raise blood pressure) to the DASH diet
  • Including therapeutic nutrition to respond better to medication and heal faster
  • Indulging in more physical activities and relaxation
  • Cutting down on (or quitting) alcohol and smoking

How is Nmami Life different?

Hence, we at Nmami Life, approach blood pressure from an individualistic perspective. Your diet will comprise a list of foods that lower blood pressure but the plan of action would be customised to your specific needs, such as:

  • Age: Children, adults, and seniors
  • Weight: Underweight, overweight
  • Lifestyle: Smoking, consumption of alcohol, busy, physically active
  • Genetics and illnesses: Unique health conditions, family’s medical history, allergies, etc.

Be it for self-education or a complete diet and lifestyle makeover, a session with Nmami Life will help you manage your health situation better and more effectively.

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