4 Celebs and their Perfect Diet Plans by Nmami Agarwal


So, what's your health goal?

15 Day Challenge that Manushi Chhillar Aced

By Nmami 3

Manushi Chhillar has made our nation proud by winning the Miss World Pageant and by shi...

5 lifestyle hacks by Nmami Agarwal that Manushi Chhillar Follows

By Nmami 35

So, the crown is back after 17 long years! We can’t express how proud the beautiful ...

Personalized Nutritions

By Nmami

Personalized nutrition is a conceptual analog to personalized medicine. While there are...

5 Everyday Foods That Shield You From Hypertension Like A Sentry

By Nmami

“Do you face trouble falling asleep?”

If You’re An Athlete, Plan Your Diet Like This

By Nmami

It doesn’t matter if you play only on the weekends or professionally, if you’re into sp...

The Perfect Pre-flight Meal Plan

By Nmami

How they show flight trips in the movies - sitting cozily, befriending a nice neighbour...

Healthy Indulgence: Travel, Diet, and Cheating

By Nmami

Travelling to a foreign land is exciting and even weeks before leaving, you’re all set ...

Summer Survival Guide

By Nmami

The scorching summer days are right upon us. When the sun is harsh and the winds are dr...

Game Day Eating Guidelines

By Nmami

Everything that you need to know on the nutrients to pack and ways to keep your body su...

Give infections a rain check this monsoon: Immunity-boosting tips

By Nmami

“Rain, rain go away, come again another day, Little Johnny wants to play!” This nur...

Monsoon and Hair Troubles — Not Anymore!

By Nmami

As much as we love letting our hair down in rain dance parties, we dread the real ra...

Health First, Fun Next: Monsoon Do’s and Don’ts

By Nmami

Everything is fair in rain and cold, many believe.

But we know this is a mis...

Let’s Celebrate Diwali, Guilt-Free

By Nmami

The festive season has already begun with Navratri and the excitement sees no bounds...

Post Diwali Detox

By Nmami

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in our country. It transcends religiou...

Welcome the Band Baja Season with a Healthy Diet

By Nmami 2

With marriage on the cards, it’s time to start your fitness journey in advance if you’r...

Fight cancer the right way

By Nmami

Cancer not only affects an individual but impacts the family as well. It’s a battle you...

Ageing and Nutrition : Live an active life with healthy diet preserving independence into old age

By Nmami

As you age, your needs for nutrition increase. The body goes into the degenerative m...

Fast the Right Way this Navratri!

By Nmami 4

The nine day FAST-ival of Navratri not only symbolises the spiritual cleansing of the s...

This Navratra let your diet be colorful from plate to the palate

By Nmami

Our favourite festive week is here! Across India, Navratri is celebrated by fasting and...

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