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So, what's your health goal?

Guidelines For Child Nutrition

By Nmami Agarwal         September 8, 2018

Do you really think that establishing healthy eating habits in your kids and encouraging them towards prope...

Is Milk Consumption Harmful to Health?

By Nmami Agarwal         September 7, 2018

Milk is considered the perfect food, especially in the initial growth phase of children. Containing proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minera...

Kids eat what parents eat

By Nmami Agarwal         September 3, 2018

All parents worry about kids' nutrition and rightly so. What, when and how your kids eat may set their lifelong habits which...

How to End Your Child’s Obsession with Junk?

By Nmami Agarwal         September 2, 2018

Kids are more prone to acquiring habits than elders as their brains don't develop impulse control so early. Therefore, early...

How to Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits in Kids?

By Nmami Agarwal         September 1, 2018

Making your kids familiar with healthy and nutritional food options is the most important thing that parents must consider t...

5 Eating Habits Young Athletes Should Avoid

By Nmami Agarwal         July 13, 2018

Performing like a champ on the field requires tons of hard work and following a routine like practicing o...

How to make food interesting for picky eaters?

By Nmami Agarwal         July 11, 2018

Are your kids picky or just being selective about the food being served? Being a mom, you must have this ...

9 Vegetables That Kids Love

By Nmami Agarwal         July 11, 2018

After reading this blog, you might be surprised to know that there are super healthy vegetables which are...

Foods that make your kids sharper

By Nmami Agarwal         July 11, 2018

Initial years of kids are crucial in terms of growth and development. Whether it's physical growth and de...

Super Healthy Food for kids

By Nmami Agarwal         July 9, 2018

Healthy eating can be a difficult a task for many people especially when the world is filled with yummy p...

Nutrition for Kids

By Nmami Agarwal         July 9, 2018

Better Quality of Life goes hand in hand with Proper Nutrition. Early years in a child’s life are crucial...

Refreshing Drinks your kids will love this summer

By Nmami Agarwal         April 28, 2018

As the temperatures are rising, your child gets more prone to dehydration. During the dry months of summer, due to excessive sweating and...

School Canteen Foods & Why It’s Bad for Your Kids

By Nmami Agarwal         February 12, 2018

The prevalence of child obesity is increasing rapidly worldwide. It is associated with several risk factors for heart diseases and other ...

Simple ways to keep your new born healthy

By Nmami Agarwal         November 22, 2017

Babies are a symbol of love, and you as a parent obviously want them to be safe from everything no matter what. But parenting a new born ...

9 Tips to Get Picky Eaters to Pick Healthy Food

By Nmami Agarwal         February 25, 2017

“No, I don’t like its taste.” “It doesn’t smell good.” “I’ll eat red foods only.” “Can you make a burger out of it?” “See! You have h...

Proper meals do not mean proper nutrition for your kid

By Nmami Agarwal         February 20, 2017

“Beta, one more!” this is what we keep saying. As parents, we strive to give our children the best of everything, especially when it come...

5 Ways to Hide Health Punches in Your Kids’ Favourite Foods

By Nmami Agarwal         February 2, 2017

Believe it or not, fussy eaters make the most creative moms. If you’ve got one, consider that a blessing in disguise. By the time your ki...

Child nutrition your health tab

By Nmami Agarwal         December 22, 2016

Having a baby can completely change your life. After being a mother, women makes her whole life centralized around the child completely a...

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