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So, what's your health goal?

The Not-So- Boring Salad: Quinoa Salad

By Nmami 1

What do you think when you first hear the word ‘Salad’? Boring, for people who diet, an...

Say hello to Healthy Burgers!

By Nmami

Burgers are love, right? They are oh-so-delicious and one of the first things you think...

When Jowar ke Laddoo Met Jaggery

By Nmami

Laddoo, the most delectable (and portable) delicacy of India is the one which has be...

Healthy feasting with Ragi ka Halwa

By Nmami

Halwa - a staple dessert of festive times in India. Considering that festive times h...

Makhane ki kheer served healthy

By Nmami

Kheer, kheer & kheer!

Life would become so dull and monotonous without this...

A Sweet Retreat : Badam Payasam Recipe

By Nmami

Desserts & festivity go hand in hand. Be it the festival of lights or Christmas, eve...

Designing a Healthy Navratri Platter Effortlessly

By Nmami

You must be ready to welcome the season of festivals with arms wide open and eyes fi...

This Pineapple Side Dish is No-fuss, Spicy, and Healthy

By Nmami

At times, we just want to have fruits but don’t do so because of their excessive swe...

A walnut salad that’s quick, healthy and delicious

By Nmami

Want to eat something delicious and yet don’t want to compromise on your die...

The lightest, quickest, and healthiest breakfast

By Nmami

Which food item came to your mind when you read the title?

Quickly, drop th...

How to turn white Poha into a vibrant healthy green dish

By Nmami 1

One of the oldest and easiest trick to turn around a simple, bland dish is to add fresh...

How to prepare healthy rice kissed with green and goodness

By Nmami

Palak Paneer, Sarson da Saag, Aloo Palak, Kofta curry — North Indians love Spinach in a...

How to Vivify Your Lunch Box With Zunka and Whole Wheat

By Nmami

It’s hard to keep your lunch box interesting when you’re short on time and high on tast...

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