Your Summer Saviours are Here: Seasonal Fruits

By Nmami Agarwal             06/22/2018

Your Summer Saviours are Here: Seasonal Fruits

Dehydration and tiredness mark the peak of summers. With the temperatures soaring day by day, it is imperative to pay attention to the change in your body’s nutritional demands. Adjusting your diet according to this testing season will prepare you to fight the heat. Increasing the intake of fruits will provide essential vitamins & minerals along with the hydration your body needs. Seasonal fruits are loaded with certain antioxidants and nutrients that help in combating the effects for this harsh weather. Here are Summer’s best fruits that are great for your health during this period and which shield your body from the heat wave. Include them in your diet enjoy the fruity goodness!


  • JAVA PLUM: Java Plum also known as ‘jamun’ is an ideal summer fruit. It comes with endless health perks. It is used to treat digestive disorders, diabetes, and piles. It is rich in Vitamin A & C and Iron. Iron present in Java plum is beneficial in increasing the hemoglobin count making it perfect for anemics. The fruit’s iron content also acts as a blood purifying agent, therefore, making it a boon for skin health and haircare. It also boosts your immunity system and protects against cold and cough.
  • PEACHES: These delicious & juicy fruits provide endless health benefits. Being rich in potassium, peaches prevent hypokalemia, which is potassium’s deficiency in the body, leading to irregular heartbeat and weak muscles. Peaches consist of significant amounts of antioxidants which protect the body against harmful effects of various diseases. This fruit is rich in vitamin C which prevents skin damage and protects from ultraviolet radiations of the sun.
  • FALSA: This fruit is known for its much-needed cooling effect. It provides relief from boils, eczema, skin inflammation and burns. Falsa is a great source of sodium, which regulates blood and is essential for proper functioning of the nervous system. It treats rheumatism, respiratory problems, and arthritis. Not only this, falsa provides substantial amounts of energy, builds bone health and relieves stomach ache. It is a great summer fruit as it fights against heat strokes, sunstroke and thirst. It is tremendous for skin too as it cures pimples and skin dryness.
  • JUICY PLUMS: The antioxidant power of this fruit is just marvelous. It helps in treating osteoporosis, diabetes and muscular degeneration. It reduces cholesterol levels and maintains a healthy heart. In addition to this, plums are rich in vitamin C, A & K which help in keeping the skin radiant, healthy and youthful. It gives you enough fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to boost your health making it a perfect summer snack.
  • LITCHI: This is a sweet & delectable fruit with a plethora of health benefits ranging from aiding indigestion to boosting immunity. It is packed with vitamin C & B6, niacin, riboflavin, dietary fiber, potassium, and manganese. Litchi increases blood circulation, digestive health and stimulates digestive juices to make the absorption of nutrients, efficient. It fights against viral outbreaks including herpes simplex virus. Having Litchi helps regulates blood pressure and fights influenza.


So step out into the sun while these juicy and delicious fruits have your back. Fruits are not just a mid-meal snack but a priority instead. Binge on these healthy yet fulfilling fruits and fight heat & diseases.

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