Acne In PCOS

By Nmami Agarwal             08/20/2018

Acne In PCOS

Introduction To Acne And PCOS

Acne is always devastating every time it shows up on your face, right? If you’re breaking out with no explainable cause and you’re way past your teen years, it requires serious attention. In such a case, you need to look beyond your skin to detect its actual root cause. Sometimes acne could be the symptom of an underlying severe hormonal condition of which your body goes through, that might also cause far more than facial blemishes.

It is so because acne is one of the most common signs of PCOS. Acne affects a large majority of PCOS women and girls which can be extremely painful. Numerous studies show that 27% of women seek treatment of acne caused by PCOS.

Why does PCOS cause acne?

Acne in PCOS has been linked to occur due to insulin insensitivity that leads to an overproduction of the hormone called androgen. Similarly, the way when testosterone leads to the overproduction causes increased acne, the same way when androgen leads to the overproduction causes similar effects. In the majority of cases, PCOS-related acne is typically difficult to cure and usually occurs on to the lower third of the face which included cheeks, chin, jaw, and neck. Talking about the specific type of acne in PCOS, it’s more likely to witness tender knots under the skin (as opposed to fine surface bumps). Many women say that they get flared up during their menstrual cycle.

How Is PCOS Acne Different From Regular Acne?

In general, acne breaks out when sebaceous glands produce too much oil under your skin which blocks your skin pores, causing pimples and legions. PCOS related acne is considered more severe from general acne. Also, it’s characterized by the tender knots formed under your skin instead of the surface bumps. These kinds of acne are more rigorous, hormonally sensitive and are on the sensitive areas of skin such as cheeks, jaw-line, chin and upper neck, that can also appear on chest and back. Such cysts under the skin are often painful unlike regular acne and leave behind terrible scars as well.

Usually, acne appears when the pores get blocked due to the dead skin cells that force the natural oils to stay under the skin, later causing breakouts. Unfortunately, regular shedding that removes dead skin cells doesn’t help much if you have PCOS. This is because the extra testosterone (male sex hormones) floating around your body sends the sebaceous glands into over-drive. As a result bacteria, oil and dead skin cells get trapped in your skin pores that cause acne in general.

Over to you

To fight against acne your hormones play a large role in its appearance on your skin. If you start taking care of your healthy diet and lifestyle practice you, you can manage these breakouts on the largest organ in your body.  If PCOS related acne is plaguing you for years, don’t just despair rather go for some healthy changes in your diet and life for a blemish-free complexion.


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