Welcome the Band Baja Season with a Healthy Diet

By Nmami Agarwal             12/08/2017

Welcome the Band Baja Season with a Healthy Diet

With marriage on the cards, it’s time to start your fitness journey in advance if you’re aiming to
slay your bridal look and make heads turn as you walk down the aisle. Usually would-be brides
swear by crash dieting when it comes to getting into that tight-fit choli. But healthy eating
always stands out with its farfetched benefits in the long run.

Having a proper pre-wedding diet is very important. What goes inside your system radiates off
as the peachy glow which can surely make your man fall in love with you all over again. Cutting
down on food abruptly will do more harm to your body than you think. The ultimate mantra
should be to eat healthy rather than to starve.

Stress Factors
With so many things going on, people coming to you to sign off the final decision, collaborating
with photographers, videographers and caterers, it is natural to have increased stress building
up in your body. In such a scenario, cutting down on food might just elevate your stress levels.
Thus, you need to take baby steps by slowly decreasing your calorie intake by 20%. If your total
calorie requirement daily is 2000 calories, stepping down to 1800 calories will help you with the
requisite boosts of energy without harming your health and mood.

Bridal Glow
Once the makeup washes off, you need to look equally stunning and a well-balanced diet can
help you achieve just that. Adhering to a strict diet rich in essential nutrients will surely remove
those extra inches from your tummy line and hike up your glowing quotient which surely will
help you stand out with or without cagey makeup.

Expert Tips

  • Keep up those sweaty workout sessions up and running so that you achieve perfectly
    toned abs. Brisk walking, running, jogging, cycling, & swimming must be a part of your
    daily exercise plan.
  • Carbs are vital to one’s body. But processed sugars or processed carbs such as white
    breads, pasta, chips, sweetened yogurt, and diet soda surely are not our body’s well-
    wishers. Rather go for whole grain, sweet potato, oatmeal, vegetable juices, coconut
    water, quinoa and rice.
  • Drinks lots of water to stay well-hydrated and flush out the toxins from your system. A
    minimum of 3-4 liters is must for all you ladies out there but the more gets merrier in
    this case.
  • For breakfast opt for fruits followed by 2 glasses of water and don’t forget to include
    seeds and nuts in the diet plan.
  • Fresh fruits having zero fat and are rich in antioxidants; they’re also to carry around and needs to be your constant companion while you’re out shopping.
  • You can also add chia, flaxseeds, and pumpkin seeds to your fruit smoothies.
  • Ensure that you don’t starve yourself while running around with work and don’t let the stress overtire you.
  • Hydrate yourself with coconut water or vegetable juices, instead of diet soda or unnatural flavoured waters.

Over to you
Go for a perfect blend of exercise paired with healthy food and nothing can stop you from being
the most stunning bride in town! This is your time, bask in the celebrity status which will be
showered on to you on your D-day but don’t forget to take care of your health.

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