Tips To Maintain A Healthy Weight in PCOS

By Nmami Agarwal             08/23/2018

Tips To Maintain A Healthy Weight in PCOS

Majority of women with PCOS at some point or the other struggle with weight gain. Moreover, losing weight becomes important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight when one is suffering from PCOS cuts the risk of many additional diseases. Shedding even ten percent of your body weight in PCOS can help your body regulate your menstrual cycle and help relieve some of its signs and symptoms.

Healthy weight loss can help you recover from insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other various PCOS complications. Therefore to start a healthy weight loss journey, pay a visit to your doctor first and check your weight and body mass index. So, that you can take a step further accordingly. Let’s see, what are the few tips to maintain a healthy weight in PCOS.

  • Heal through food: Eating the right foods have been found to reverse insulin resistance and help combat chronic inflammation resulting in weight loss. A low carb and high-fat diet have helped a lot of women with PCOS. Cutting back on carbohydrate consumption can reduce insulin load in your body making it easier to lose weight.


  • Beat insulin resistance: Insulin resistance lies in the heart of PCOS. Hyperinsulinaemia is seen in thirty percent of slim women and seventy-five percent of obese women with PCOS. Starting by eliminating all the refined carbs and sugars from your diet as this will a help a lot in maintaining a healthy weight. Regular blood and insulin checkups will also assist you in a right direction.


  • Exercise lightly: Exercising helps you lose weight but only in the right manner. If you assume that exercising for a long time or the whole day will help you to lose a lot of weight quickly, then you are wrong. Rather exercising vulnerably increases cortisol levels and aids in insulin resistance. Over-exercising puts your body under stress, which can be detrimental to your weight loss goals.


  • Look after your gut health: Gut microbiome could be key to PCOS weight loss! Several studies support that probiotic supplementation among women with PCOS has shown favourable results in weight loss, markers of insulin resistance, triglycerides, and VLDL-cholesterol concentrations. Imbalance in your gut microbiota contributes to insulin resistance and leptin resistance which critically reverse you’re your weight-loss efforts.

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Maintaining a healthy body weight is significant for everyone, but it’s more necessary for women with PCOS. To avoid weight gain due to PCOS is often difficult and losing it later can be a real challenge. But if you try to beat insulin resistance and balance your hormones by adopting eating habits your can automatically tip on the weighing scales in your favour. So, incorporate these healthy weight loss tips in your day to day life to see how effectively they work.


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