This Navratra let your diet be colorful from plate to the palate

By Nmami Agarwal             03/23/2018

This Navratra let your diet be colorful from plate to the palate

Our favourite festive week is here! Across India, Navratri is celebrated by fasting and worshipping Goddess Durga for 9 days, thus revering the divine shakti. During navratri, I’ve noticed that majority of the people rely on vrat (fast) ki tikkis, kheers, potato fries and then complain of tremendous weight gain during those seven days because all they are consuming are carbs and fats with minimal proteins in their diet. In my opinion, one definitely is restricted to limited food options during the week, however how about switching from these boring recipes to colorful ones which are actually healthy and appealing to both the eyes and taste buds. So, here I go sharing a few tips to make your diet as vibrant as the rainbow :

  • Since my favorite “Strawberry” is in the season, blend it into smoothies (curd/ yogurt/ milk based) or throw in raitas for the tangy taste.
  • There can’t be a day when sago is not used in the preparation of tikkis, khichdi or kheer. Let’s give it a new name and mix with fruits to make a chaat out it. Add generous helpings of fruits, lemon, and mint to make your own “Sago fruit chaat”.
  • Aren’t you simply bored of eating the plain kuttu ki roti with boiled aloo? It’s been craving a makeover for ages. I have combined its dough with grated carrot and grated bottle gourd to relish with mint, cumin chutney (baked/ air fry/ shallow fried on the tawa) and named it Hara Bhara Kuttu”.
  • How can we forget about salads? Those on the weight loss regime, sit back and relax as you need not stress yourself with the limited food choices available. Make a ‘hung curd salad’ for yourself in between meals. All you need to do is toss the hung curd over pomegranates, apples, cucumber or oranges for say and enjoy.
  • When it comes to me, I really get bored of the same old mint chutney every day. Raw mangoes are already in the market. How about blending them with walnuts and coriander and call it “Khatta akhrot”? Or Blending Bottle gourd, cumin and peanuts together which would be beneficial for those having bloating/ gas issues due to large meal gaps in between.

Over to You

Now that you know that Navratri Fasting need not be boring and it can be as colourful and flavourful as ever, go on and fast the healthy way with these simple and fresh recipes. This time around, don’t ‘stick’ to oily menus and make your own this festive season!

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