The Fact Of Post Diwali Detox

By Nmami Agarwal             11/07/2018

The Fact Of Post Diwali Detox

Detox, beat any post-festival, has taken an extremely different corner in the health industry. People outside it, depict detox diet to be the torturous starvation diet. But wait, rewind a little and pause to the word “detox!” Detox in simple clear words means- a process of abstaining the body from toxins and harmful substance. In other words, you can refer it a period of cleansing your body, which clearly nowhere states to let yourself starve or deprive of essentials to sustain.

Nonetheless, detox offers a good rest to your liver and kidneys. The same is just no more than the myth that floats around especially post diwali. When boxes of sweets and deep-fried delicacies are already in the body system, requiring a detox diet that doubles the process of flushing out toxins. You can opt for foods like salad which includes beetroots, cucumber, apples, carrots, oranges and berries. Else you can prepare filling soup like broccoli soup, spinach soup and beans soups. Or if not soup, you can refer our previous blog “5
Recipes To Include Post Diwali” for more detox recipes.

Let’s Understand, How Detoxification Works?
Typically, the liver is considered as a sole and primary organ for the body’s detoxification. But rethink once again and revise the largest organ of the body. Exactly, it is skin, therefore; a human body is designed to get detoxified via several pathways including skin, kidneys and colon. Skin absorbs the toxins you put on it or inside and eliminates them through sweat. Whereas, kidney filters the blood and excretes toxins all the way through urine. Colon the end of the line, where the toxins are sent out of body in the form of waste.
In case constipation is making the situation worse and toxins can’t go out from anywhere, you need to make sure to load your detox diet with lots of fiber (papaya and pineapple) and water, in order to flush toxins out of your system.

What Happens To The Body When Put Under Starvation Mode?
Putting your body under starvation mode may help you see a drastic difference in your weight drop but at the same time, you will also experience the feeling of fatigue and dizziness. Moreover, starvation mode when implied on the body, it reduces the calories intake at the first place which also, attempt to restore the energy within and stop you from losing any more weight after some specific time period. As it involves the reduction of calories your body burns, which later on slow down the process of weight loss.

So, now you decide. Starve on the name of detox or detox in a real scientific manner?

Over To You
We never suggest letting your body starve in order to detoxify it. The wise way of detoxification is to follow it the same way we have mentioned it above. Eat light, drink a lot, if not plain water than prepare infused water (lemon, cucumber, mint) for yourself and drink at regular intervals to flush out toxins off your system. And never starve!

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