Super Foods To Eat In Pregnancy

By Nmami Agarwal             09/25/2018

Super Foods To Eat In Pregnancy

The entire human race requires super foods in terms of the most essential part of the daily diet. From the time of birth to old age- all it needs “Super Foods!” Therefore, here we have come up with the week celebrating, super foods and today we are going to flood you up with super foods to eat during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you might hear, “eat this eat that for the good health of your coming baby and yourself.” Which at times becomes difficult to decide to eat what food will be the best for you and your baby? So, here we are!

Out of a number of super foods advised to “mother to be”, we have shortlisted the best ones which will be delivering the most to you both. That means the listed super foods below it will encourage healthy fetal development, help reduce the risk of birth defects and help prevent pregnancy complications. So, let’s get started with the super foods that will make your pregnancy the healthiest one!

  • Almonds: Why almonds on first? Since almonds are significantly rich in protein and vitamin E, a handful of almonds will give you the nourishment that it requires while being pregnant. Also, it keeps off the hunger pangs and best to eat as an empty-calorie snack. Just a quarter cup of almonds delivers more than one-third of the daily dose of vitamin E- crucial in your infant’s brain development.
  •  Sweet Potato: Sweet potato in baked, roasted or mashed form delivers more than four hundred percent of daily vitamin A, which is specifically significant during your first trimester when the division of cell occurs and your baby’s body figures out which cell will become which part of organ or body part. In fact, sweet potato is the good source of fiber and energizing complex carbs which fill you up for few calories.
  • Plain Yogurt: For the protein, calcium and zinc, plain yogurt could be best the choice you can make over as it contains more calcium than milk. A cup of plain yogurt completes thirty percent of daily calcium requirement. Yogurt is loaded with probiotics that reduce the risk for developing eczema and some other allergies in baby later in life. Your baby will take calcium from your bones if, the baby doesn’t get enough of it from the food you eat.
  •  Coconut: Consuming coconut in any form like coconut oil, water, tender coconut and ripe coconut are all favourable to have during pregnancy. Coconut is rich in vital nutrients which are most needed ones during pregnancy. The essential fatty acids found in coconut help in the appropriate development of an infant. Lauric acid in coconut helps in increasing breast milk production and prevents joint pain during pregnancy.
  •  Iron-Rich Foods: Iron is amongst the most important nutrients required throughout your pregnancy and even more fundamental in your first and third trimesters. Since your body doesn’t actually produce iron, you need to fill up its requirement from foods you eat. Pregnant women’s daily intake of iron is twenty-seven milligrams each day. Foods rich in iron are leafy greens, beets, beans, peas, lentils tofu and fish.
  • Salmon: This is the sole food on the list of food containing DHA- the power pact omega-3 fatty acid. Adding up the recommended three hundred milligrams of salmon in your diet a day may help protect you from postpartum depression, preterm labour and preeclampsia and also helps in developing infant’s brain, eyes and central nervous system. Three ounce serving of salmon is packed with five hundred milligrams of omega-3s, so have it once a week.
  • Egg (Egg Yolk): Eggs, especially egg yolks are the baby’s most essential food as it contains vital fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D, which reduce the risk of gestational, preeclampsia, diabetes and low birth weight. Egg whites do have significant protein, but egg yolk has most of all an egg’s choline—a mineral which plays a crucial role in baby’s brain health and which partners with folic acid to reduce the risk of neural-tube defects.

Over to you
There’s no other happiness like getting to know that, you’re pregnant! That the major time and most crucial phase to encourage your better eating habits as your body undergoes through big changes and need an increased dosage of healthful nutrients to stay strong and sustained with energy. That’s why we’ve got you covered with the major “Super Foods” to eat in your pregnancy. Happy pregnancy ahead!

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      Yes you can include as many fruits, green leafy vegetables in your diet as these are full of minerals and vitamins and roots and tubers in a moderate amount

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