Shopping hacks every woman needs to know!

By Nmami Agarwal             03/08/2018

Shopping hacks every woman needs to know!

‘Shopping’ and ‘Woman’ are the two words that can never be separated. It works out to be the best therapy for them. Plus it’s like icing on the cake during the discount season. From trying out different outfits at different stores like Zara, Forever 21, Vero Moda, Mango, H&M, to splurging on glittery and colorful makeup goodies, women can never get bored of shopping. With that being said, shopping for fruits and vegetables can be a stressful situation for some women, who either stay away from home, or don’t have the time, or for those who simply don’t know the different nutritional value present in different vegetables and fruits.

Having a thousand commitments in the busy world of ours we usually grab onto things that are within our reach not having the time to look at the labels, ingredients, expiry dates, and we also get frustrated at the thought of standing in the long queues at the grocery stores.
This International Women’s Day, here I am to share a few hacks you could try while shopping at the grocery stores :

  • We are surrounded by technology all around. Isn’t it? So make sure you have a shopping list in your mobile phone to save on that extra time thinking about stuff to buy.
  • Buy a good stock of non-perishable food items (rice, sugar, wheat, spices etc) as per your family size than perishable food items (fruits, vegetables, milk etc) which need to be purchased within 3-4 days.
  • Do not opt for flavored dairy as they have significant amounts of added sugars and artificial flavorings.
  • Don’t fall for the misleading labels which claim to be “low in fat” or “sugar-free” as they would be devoid of essential nutrients or coated with synthetic substitutes.
  • Look up and down the aisle, as products placed at your eye level are usually costlier than the ones placed above and beneath.
  • However fancy the grocery store is, do not forget to glimpse over the expiry date.
  • Do not compromise on the quality just because it is a discounted product.
  • You cannot totally avoid those processed foods all the time but can definitely make it a point to look for these things:
    • If the product contains sugar in the first 3 ingredients and more than one type of sugar (honey, agave, organic cane sugar etc), straightaway avoid it
    • Whatever is listed first is the primary ingredient, while those toward the end hold less weight.
    • Don’t be fat phobic as they are required to absorb your fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K. Look for trans fat in cookies, crackers, chips, spreads which should not be more than 0.5-1g.
    • Don’t forget to read the ingredients if someone in your house is allergic to gluten/ lactose etc.
  • For those who have always been confused about selecting fruits and vegetables you can:
    • Look for firm carrots with a rich orange color and store them in the veggie basket.
    • Select hard cucumbers and avoid those that appear yellowish.
    • Look at the underside of mushrooms to make sure the gills aren’t open, a sign that they have passed their time.
    • Fresh spinach has healthy- looking, dark green leaves; avoid those that are wilted and discolored.
    • Heavier the oranges, juicer it’s likely to be.
    • The best bananas have a solid yellow color speckled with brown. Greenish bananas ripen well at home, so they are worth buying if you plan on eating them later.

Over to you:

Women are believed to be the real architects of their families. They are flexible enough that even when their wings fall apart they know how to fly on the broomstick. You may have tough times managing home and workplace. After all, life isn’t easy but let shopping be. For all those pretty women out there, let shopping be your cardio.

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