Say Hello to Fitness!

By Nmami Agarwal             07/06/2018

Say Hello to Fitness!

Staying active is a great thought but procrastinating it for long, might turn out to be bad! To have an active lifestyle you have to be fit for which you must follow a routine of regular exercising. Exercising regularly is the most important thing you can indulge in, for a healthy and active lifestyle. In the short term, exercise helps to boost mood, control appetite and improves quality of sleep. In the long term, it reduces the risk of heart-related problems, diabetes, and depression while enduring the performance of your lungs and overall body.

Another central aspect of exercising is that it burns off excess calories that keep your body weight under control. So, in any case, if you have gained few extra kilos, then regular exercise will help you achieve the desired weight and fitness goals with fewer visits to the doctor and medication. Exercise (physical activity) doesn’t have to be always intense to see fast results; moderate exercise, five to six times a week promotes lasting health benefits. Any moderate exercise (activity) like a brisk walk, gyming, cycling and swimming contributes to physical fitness. So, choose that may suit your interests and lifestyle.

To get the most out of exercising, begin with a warm-up for at least 5 to 10 minutes as it prepares your body for activity and also, increases your blood flow. Warm up with few minutes of stretches to lessen the risk for injury and increased body flexibility. Also, set some realistic goals and take small steps towards fitness in your daily life, such as walk to the grocery store instead of driving and take stairs instead of the lift or elevator.

But not forget that you need the energy to exercise which comes from food. Along with physical activity, following well-balanced diet formula, gives the power required for physical exercise. So, make sure you eat the right food and the right amount of it before and after any fitness activity and to refuel your body with essential nutrients.

Carb is the micronutrient which is broken down by the body while exercising into glucose and used by your muscles for energy. It provides the energy for intensive and prolonged exercise. Some of the good sources of carb are whole grain, fruits, oatmeal, sweet potato, and legumes. Protein is another important nutrient referred for building and repairing muscles which should be the major part of your diet plan. Eggs, skimmed milk, beans, fish, and meat are the excellent source of protein. Iron- mineral which helps the production and supply of oxygen-hemoglobin in your body. Lack of iron leads to weak and tiered hampering your fitness goals. So, include spinach, kidney beans, lentils and brown rice in your diet. Whereas, potassium and sodium are the electrolyte minerals crucial for your body lost during exercise due to the excessive sweating. Therefore, maintaining their levels is as much as important as other nutrients. Apricots, raisins, and oranges are the best foods to be incorporated in your diet to complement your physical fitness.

Drinking plenty of fluid (plain water) before and after exercising is particularly essential. So, if you exercise strenuously, drink lots of water even if you are not thirsty.

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Don’t make exercising boring or dreaded. It can be interring if you want that relieves symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Find a buddy to do exercise with and continue to do it on a regular basis as it will motivate you and help you reduce those extra kilos you gained over in your vacation and trips.

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