Pesto Sauce

By Nmami Agarwal             06/11/2018

Pesto Sauce

A jar of homemade pesto is a delightful summer treat for next few weeks when made at home. So, get your hands on this versatile sauce and toss in with fresh pasta, sandwich, pizza or eggs. While the summertime comes with the abundance of basil then why not to make the best out of it. Let’s jump on the recipe now.


  • Pine nuts- 30 grams
  • Large bunch of basil
  • Parmesan- 25 grams
  • Olive oil- 45ml
  • Garlic cloves- 2

Calories:  470-490

Course: Breakfast or evening snack


  • Put a frying a pan on low heat. Pour pine nuts in the pan and cook them until they turn into golden colour.
  • Now put those cooked pine nuts in the food processor along with the other ingredients. Blend until it becomes a smooth paste and then season.
  • Pour the pesto (paste) in a jar and sprinkle it with little olive oil. Ready to use.

You can store this sauce in refrigerator and can use with no worries for next two weeks.

Over to you

Once you have made choice over pesto, you are all set to prepare your breakfast in no time. Do not limit the use of it and enjoy having with your favorite breakfast.


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