5 nutrients your body needs more in winters

By Nmami Agarwal         12/10/2018

Come winters, it changes our wardrobes and our body mechanism and to understand the body changes, we must look into the preferred food du...

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Soothing drink recipes this winter

By Nmami Agarwal         12/09/2018

In winters, the weather outside can be frightful, and when the temperature drops, we tend to cozy up with hot beverages. Is there’s anyth...

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Stay Healthy Stay Warm

By Nmami Agarwal         12/08/2018

During the cold months, your body needs to stay warm and it might use more energy in doing so. It is natural that your thoughts will no d...

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Get the winter food guide

By Nmami Agarwal         12/07/2018

It’s the season to slurp warm soup and have a comfort food. But most of us gorge on unhealthy food, which in a long run can affect our bo...

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Kitchen Super Fighters – Herbs & Spices

By Nmami Agarwal         12/06/2018

Winter comes with a dreaded enemies—viruses and flues. Good news, the herbs and spices we all know and love in our delicious treats can a...

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Reasons To Must Have Nuts In Winters

By Nmami Agarwal         12/05/2018

Winters are arriving and so is the season of dry fruits. Dry fruits are one of the richest energy resources and are a perfect snack and h...

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Little Known Things To Overcome Winter Issues

By Nmami Agarwal         12/04/2018

Winter is all about a bug like illness and at times an elevated seasonal time where old health problems take toil over your healthy livin...

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It All Starts From Nutrition

By Nmami Agarwal         12/03/2018

Why to step back when you have hundreds of reasons to fly! This “International Day Of Disabled Persons” we wish to step forward and take ...

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How A Goal Keeper’s Diet Is Different From Other Players?

By Nmami Agarwal         12/02/2018

Penned in their goal post waiting to save the shots, with zeal to do the best! That’s a goal keeper for you. The Goalkeeper needs to be a...

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Health & Nutrition Prospects Under HIV

By Nmami Agarwal         12/01/2018

Health and Immune V/S HIV HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a life threatening virus that damages the body’s immun...

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Need Professional Fitness Tips? Know National Hockey Goalkeeper Sreejesh’s Fitness Tips!

By Nmami Agarwal         11/30/2018

When trying to be part of a fitness camp, one has to keep in mind that each and every individual has different requirements regarding exe...

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A Great Game Performance Needs More Than Just A Practice!

By Nmami Agarwal         11/29/2018

Wonder about a scenario, where you being an athlete are all done with the training/practice and feeling ready from your conscience for to...

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Five Nutritional Practices To Keep In Mind Before, During And After The Tournament

By Nmami Agarwal         11/28/2018

An Athlete can be defined in a sense of having a good physique, endurance, agility, discipline, competitiveness, sporting zeal and a good...

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Hockey And Nutrition

By Nmami Agarwal         11/27/2018

Hockey is an anaerobic and power-based sport requiring high intensity including primary source of fuel i.e. carbohydrates. Bulking onesel...

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Simple Steps To Follow This Winter

By Nmami Agarwal         11/26/2018

Chilly and gloomy winter days make us all want to whorl under the cozy quilts covering and keeping us warm until the sun shines again. Du...

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This Winter Do One Simple Thing, Don’t Forget To Hydrate Yourself

By Nmami Agarwal         11/25/2018

An ice cold glass of water on a hot day is more satisfying than anything thing else in the world. But, the scenario no more remains the s...

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Sex Drive (Fatigue & Depression)

By Nmami Agarwal         11/24/2018

Feeling of fatigue and state of depression, both leads to cause tension one one’s sex life. Reason for that can’t be dependent on one mal...

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A Bridge Between UTI And Intimacy

By Nmami Agarwal         11/23/2018

Urinary tract infection (UTI) can smack anyone but adult women are more inclined to get infected by UTI while accompanying uncomfortable ...

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Feed Your Gut For Boosted Stamina

By Nmami Agarwal         11/22/2018

There could not be anything worse than finding oneself abated, when time to get it on is right in front and spend some pleasurable time w...

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Erotic Food Guide

By Nmami Agarwal         11/21/2018

You must keep yourself healthy and hydrated in order to have a great sex life. Sex and food are two of our important aspects of life, so ...

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5 Foods To Spice Up Your Relationship

By Nmami Agarwal         11/20/2018

There’s this belief that foods which look like the body parts often give a healthy boost to your intimacy drive. But the most appropriate...

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Why is Nutrition Important for Healthy Intimacy Life

By Nmami Agarwal         11/19/2018

Sex is a very natural need and an important aspect of our life, which should be lived healthily and happily. There are a lot of things th...

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