Nutty Mango Kheer

By Nmami Agarwal             08/13/2018

Nutty Mango Kheer

Let’s welcome the monsoon season on this Teej with this mango kheer recipe along with fasting, traditional songs, and cultural games. All the ingredients of this kheer are major sources of energy and help to replenish your body after a day-long fast. Try out this dish soon and share your review with us in the comment section below. But before that, let’s shed some light on the nutritional values of the main ingredients used in this dish.

Nutritional Values

Milk is an ideal source of nutrients like protein, carbs, Vitamin A, B12, D, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, selenium, magnesium, and riboflavin- essential o overall body functioning and health. Second, the most important ingredient of the kheer is mango, rich in dietary fiber and vitamin B6 and have a significant amount of Vitamin A and C including potassium, magnesium, and copper. Also, it’s among the best sources of beta-carotene, Quercetin, and astragalin. Talking about the nutritional values of nuts, they too are rich in a variety of nutrients such as dietary fiber, linoleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamin E, calcium, zinc, potassium, and magnesium contributing to multiple health-promoting benefits.


  • Milk- 100 ml
  • Basmati rice- 15 grams
  • Coconut sugar- 1 teaspoon
  • Saffron- A pinch
  • Mango puree- 30 grams
  • Chopped almonds- 4-5
  • Raisins- 4-5
  • Green cardamom- ¼ teaspoon

Calories: 164 kcal

Course: Lunch or Dinner


  • Take a pan and add milk, basmati rice and mix them together.
  • Once the mixture gets boiled, add mango puree to it.
  • Now, sprinkle some almond and raisins in the mixture.
  • Again, stir it gently, cover it and let the rice cook on low flame till the kheer turns in a creamy and thick texture.
  • Now add coconut sugar and mix it evenly.
  • Garnish with a dash of green cardamom and saffron.
  • At last, keep the kheer in the fridge to cool down and serve chilled.

Over to you

Fasting can lead to depletion of energy levels and hence, it is important to break your fasts with something nutritious and energy-dense. This Teej, do try out this tempting Mango kheer recipe and we bet you will keep asking for more.

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