No Refined Sugar

By Nmami Agarwal             10/18/2018

No Refined Sugar

Nothing on the planet earth could be more tempting than “Sugar.” Ironically, sugar is again the same food item which builds the pyramids of health issues, may be not in a short run but for sure, it reveals its real side in long run. That’s why we say “Sugar, Not So Sweet!” Do you by any chance know that consuming calories as fructose in large proportion can lead to serious adverse effects on blood markers within the time of less than ten weeks? Maybe you haven’t hear so before, but yes, that’s true!

Nonetheless, including a lot of sugar (refined sugar) (fructose) can also lead to deposition of fat in your liver causing a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, can lead to insulin resistance, a stepping stone towards obesity and diabetes. Several studies suggest, fructose does not tempt your satiety levels the way glucose does, which later on contributes to higher calorie intake. Another than that, it shows powerful effects on your reward system in brain which can lead to classic signs of addiction.

Luckily, you have the best and sole way to prevent such health issues coming in your path towards healthy life goals. Simply, “Say No To Refined Sugar” and play a win on win challenge with us. See, how easy is this to win! You might be wondering why you would cut down on sugar just because we are asking you to do that? Well! Cutting back on sugar help you in cutting anxiety and depression and spells it’s magic before we reach you out for the same. Some of them are: reduced insomnia, improves healthy sleep patterns, helps overcome mood swings, help you remember better, lower the risk of heart issues and diabetes including combat acne and signs of aging.

When you replace empty calories with whole nourishing foods, you tend to lose weight without trying so hard as a result. At last, quitting on sugar gives your body a natural detox to perform job better in that battle of healthy and unhealthy life.

What Role Do You Play?

To match the page of your health life to Nmami’s page, cut back on refined sugar and opt for natural nutrient dense sugar alternatives like jaggery, coconut sugar, dates, and fruits. So, let’s vow to start a new healthful journey with this “No Refined Sugar#15DaysChallenge and set optimistic health goals for a better future!

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