Need Professional Fitness Tips? Know National Hockey Goalkeeper Sreejesh’s Fitness Tips!

By Nmami Agarwal             11/30/2018

Need Professional Fitness Tips? Know National Hockey Goalkeeper Sreejesh’s  Fitness Tips!

When trying to be part of a fitness camp, one has to keep in mind that each and every individual has different requirements regarding exercise, just like food. In addition to the high level of skill required to play sports, to be successful you need to have good aerobic fitness, speed, good diet and strength. An important fact for every sportsperson is to stay fit, as its key to their success. Over the year they have started paying attention to the food they consume in order to keep them fit.

Here are a Few Golden Fitness Tips

  •  Diet: The key factor that drives the fitness of a person is a good diet. There is no shortcut for fitness if you want to achieve you need to work hard in that direction. Talking about the diet, it should cater to your daily requirement
    and help in achieving a good health. As their requirement is more than theaverage, so their diet is high on Carbs, protein and fats (unsaturated, in moderation).
  • What to Eat: Foods rich in protein, carbs, healthy fats, and get vitamins and minerals along with that keep your body hydrated.

    What Not to Eat: Trans-fat, junk food and refined or processed sugar.

  • Physical Exercise: After you get your diet right, let’s talk about the exercise. It’s important to have a good exercise in order to have a fit and healthy body. Exercise helps with weight management, keeps you energetic
    and increase stamina.
  • What You Need to do: Always train under a trainer so you can understand your body type and provide better assistant.

    What Not to do: Avoid over-exercising as it might provide less good and more harm.

  •  Routine: “Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.” Fitness and skill are equally important; an athlete requires to work constantly on developing both at the same time. Routines might be boring for some but no matter what’s your type, a good routine provides calmness and trains our body.
  • What is Important: To do it regularly according to your body, be consistent and you can work around to be innovative.

    What Not to do: Don’t copy other people, make your own routine according to your level.

  • A Good Sleep: Staying up late, breaking the routine and not able to keep up with the diet is what we do when we don’t get a good sleep. In order for the body to be physically and mentally fit a good sleep is a must. If you are
    sleep deprived your body will be less active and you will feel more fatigue.
  • What is Important: Make a good schedule and try to sleep early What you should avoid: Limit your screen time and avoid late night activities.

  • Keep Track of Your Food Intake: Most people do not understand their body type. Weight management is key to an athlete’s life. Know what’s your intake is and how much you are burning out. Each profession calls out for a
    different kind of diet.
  • What to do: It’s important you maintain a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner after consulting a dietitian.

    What Not to do: Eating according to your mood or without knowledge

  • Excess Ruins it: Everything in excess is bad, whether it’s your diet or exercise. Many athletes tend to do it as they do not acquire proper knowledge. This in a way provide more harm than good

What to do: Always consult your trainer for exercise and nutritionist for diet. They provide you with the best assistant according to your body type.

What Not to do: Blind following and don’t do more than your limit

Over to You:

Health and fitness are important and consistency is the key to achieve it. Always consult an expert to get a proper direction toward your goal.

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