Menstruation And PCOS

By Nmami Agarwal             08/21/2018

Menstruation And PCOS

An Overview To Menstrual Cycle In PCOS

Unpredictable periods not just make your life complicated but also make you feel trapped! Do you experience painful or heavy periods? Perhaps, if you aren’t menstruating at all or on an irregular basis then, your overall health is getting depleted somewhere and alarming you of some issue your body is struggling with. Such menstrual problems can be extremely frustrating and can disrupt your normal life. But this can also be the warning for some serious health concern. Is that concern PCOS? Well, it could be.

Women and girls with PCOS account different menstrual issues that include infrequent, irregular, absenteeism, heavy and light menstrual cycle. Sometimes even extreme cramping, bloating or nausea is also experienced in PCOS. Dealing with these menstrual issues at times can be devastating that requires problem information to treat it accordingly. So, let’s see what menstruation in PCOS is all about!

How does PCOS cause menstrual difficulties?

Often, women and girls with PCOS fail to ovulate or say, fail to release an egg- known as an ‘ovulation’. When the egg does not get released, it forms a small cyst in the ovary and over the time, many of these cysts get developed in the ovary. Therefore, the term- ‘polycystic ovaries’ is used to illustrate this medical condition, giving this disorder a name. That’s how ovulatory failure leads up to all these menstrual difficulties denoted as PCOS.

What Complications Could You Experience?

Experiencing menstrual irregularities could be the real hardship. Menstrual difficulties are can interfere with the daily life of women dealing from PCOS. Unpredictable menstrual cycle, excruciating pain and heavy menstrual flow make difficult for women to engage in their normal life making them feel trapped and self-conscious. Untreated cases can later have complications in pregnancy; pelvic pain, endometriosis, or even cancer.

Have a quick overview of menstruation terms!

  • Amenorrhea is a menstrual condition when you have no menstrual cycle at all. When a girl does not get her periods by the age of 16, it’s denoted as primary amenorrhea. Secondary amenorrhea appears when a woman, already had periods and gets no menstruation for continuous six months or more and isn’t pregnant.
  • Oligomenorrhea is the case when you get less than six to eight periods per year causing irregularity. In this condition, periods may be either very light or very heavy. It’s hard to say, if it might or might not accompany by excessive pain, cramping or discomfort. Maximum nine or fewer menstruation cycles each year is a diagnostic criterion for PCOS.
  • Anovulation means, no ovulation. This cycle occurs when bleeding takes place, but ovaries do not release an egg, a sign of alarming infertility. The most common symptom of this condition is no menstruation. But anovulatory cycles still can have a light menstrual cycle.
  • Menorrhagia is when unusually heavy or long time menstrual cycle occurs. This means experiencing an extremely heavy flow or prolonged periods lasting oven ten days or more or bleeding even between cycles.
  • Dysmenorrhea is the sub-condition of PCOS when painful periods make everything difficult to do such as day to day activities. Having severe menstrual pain, cramps or bloating is referred to dysmenorrhea.

Over to you

So, if you are dealing with such menstrual problems you must check with a doctor. You may also need to make some healthy living changes in your life to manage your menstrual cycle. The best treatment of PCOS signs and symptoms is to choose a healthy lifestyle for yourself that includes the right food, nutrients, exercise, cravings awareness, sleep to address your hormone deal-breaker.


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6 thoughts on “Menstruation And PCOS”

  1. Yes mam I’m suffering from pcos with painful me for weight loss

    1. My name is titiksha I had no periods in December 2018 but got in January 2019 and again I have not gotten my periods in February 2019and I am 16 year old and lost 20 kgs because of irregular periods . Thought losing weight is the only solution to have regular periods . Still I m going through the same problem

      1. Hi Titiksha!

        Its not just about losing weight, but keeping a good eye on your overall health.
        If your periods are still irregular, please consult a gynecologist and figure out the root-cause.

  2. Mam…I,m also suffering from pcos with painful nd irregular periods(missed periods for 2 months nd the last time I have my periods 2 times in only 15 days) nd my weight is 92 kg nd I’m only 17 …..please guide me for weight loss

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