Is Brown Sugar Really Healthy?

By Nmami Agarwal             07/18/2018

Is Brown Sugar Really Healthy?

Many of you might associate brown foods with nutritious and healthy foods but not always the scenario is the same. Usually, brown-colored foods are whole grain and more natural while you might also consider brown sugar to be more natural and healthful than other sugars. But certainly, it doesn’t get its coloration from whole grains. Instead, it’s coloration comes from molasses added during to give it a unique taste and different properties.

Brown sugar – look so much better in comparison of white sugar or refined sugar. However, is there really any difference carried out between the two?  Or for that matter, is brown sugar a healthy alternative to white sugar? Here’s what we have to tell you about the same? Brown sugar is no different from white sugar, neither nutritionally or calorie-wise. The only difference is in the color, flavor, and process, both of these go through. In general, brown sugar is the white sugar only but with molasses which are considered as raw sugar as it undergoes through lesser chemical processing than white sugar but at times brown sugar is also caramelized making it higher in calories than usual.

Brown sugar has mistakenly taken as a healthy alternative to white sugar. It’s carbohydrate, and caloric values differ slightly lesser than white sugar, but still, consumption of brown sugar has a significant adverse effect on your blood sugar levels. Consuming more quantity of brown sugar can easily lead to cause high blood sugar, therefore, you must avoid consuming it as much as possible, especially diabetics.

So, basically, molasses is what makes white sugar a white sugar. There’s the more liquid consistency in brown sugar and has around only 0.25 fewer kcal per gram than the white one. Brown sugar contains ninety-five percents of sucrose and five per-cents of molasses, which adds the moistness and flavor to it but has no other healthful nutrition and nutritional benefits over white sugar or just for saying any other form of sugar. Therefore, consumption of brown sugar has equal health risks the same as white sugar and must not to be included in your diet and especially diabetic patient’s diet.

Over to you

Be more careful from the healthy disguised products surrounded by you be to lead a fit life. Say no to brown sugar and opt for some natural healthy alternatives of sugar like jaggery, coconut sugar, dates, and honey to treat your occasional sweet tooth.

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  1. Is it really ok to substitute sugar wth sugarfree, when we need to cut down the weight ?

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