If You are Craving Sour Food, Then What Can You Have

By Nmami Agarwal             10/03/2018

If You are Craving Sour Food, Then What Can You Have

Have you ever wondered by craving is an everyday word? It’s because, majority of us feel that on a regular basis! Craving if stated in simple words then, it’s a powerful desire to eat something specific in terms of flavor. There are times when you feel like to have something sour and nothing else. The basic thing your taste bud wants to taste is sour and now your brain feels some disturbance in your body and transfer the message to the taste buds to crave for it. So, before we go any further with sour foods lets know how your metabolism play accordingly.

Cravings are always taken as negative and we try to push ourselves against it, but it is said that you should do a little of what you believe to bring your body into balance. You could even use a substitute for that specific taste, but eating too much of a specific flavor (sour) leads to imbalance in the body.

Why Sour Food Cravings?

When you think about sour food, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Lemon? Isn’t it? On observing a little, sour food like lemonade, pickle, sauerkrautare often served with rich meals. This is because sour food helps your body break down fats and helps in digestion. The sourness of the food prompts our liver and gallbladder to produce bile to break down the fat. Sour taste also helps your body reabsorb and contain fluids. Excess of anything is never too good for you, so excess of sour food leads to muscle contraction and soreness.

We crave these acidic foods because there is some imbalance with our stomach acid. Lack of acid in our stomach can be caused due to stress. There maybe something up with your digestion. These flavors stimulate your salivary glands and then your digestive system produces bile. Even on the lack of having enough acid to digest food, you may crave sour.

Sour Cravings (Foods) Suggestions:

  • Now if you’re craving sour food, the most of you think of is a glass of lemonade, though it is so refreshing but it is filled with sugar, also you may have noticed that drinking it makes you even thirstier. For feeling exactly refreshed as with lemonade, try something fruity. A watermelon juice can be the best substitute as far as in has added preservatives and is a fresh one.
  • While craving for a sour taste you can sit at home and not to worry about what to eat as you can make food at home using citrus fruits like grape fruit, orange, green mango, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil. All of these are very good for your health and skin and also help with digestion which at the same will treat your sour cravings.
  • Tamarind also reduces inflammation and is a really rich source of fiber as well as vitamin B. It can also be used for diarrhoea, constipation and nausea. It is a good news for athletes who get ‘sloshy stomach’ while running. You can also add tamarind to different things and like the pulp can be added to sauces and used with fish and chicken.

Over to You:

Your body reacts differently to all the different cravings. Notice what your body is trying to tell you and use the healthy replacements suggested above to stay healthy and satisfy your body while treating your sour taste buds. We hope, after this brief discussion, you will be able to understand your body better.

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