How to make food interesting for picky eaters?

By Nmami Agarwal             07/11/2018

How to make food interesting for picky eaters?

Are your kids picky or just being selective about the food being served? Being a mom, you must have this concern at some point or the other in the early growth stages of your kids. Well, kids are unpredictable when it comes to food, and it becomes even harder to trick them to eat the same. That’s the time when you might worry about their daily nutrition, leaving you in the dilemma of what to cook and how to nurture your kids appropriately.  However, the following disclaimer will undoubtedly turn out to be the most conducive tips to follow and accomplish making your kids fall for food enriched with essential nutrients required in the initial growth years.

So, why not make fruits and vegetables interesting to serve on your kid’s plate this summer? Fruits and vegetables laden with rich nourishment required for the growth of a kid and child. Sounds good? But still confused what and how to serve? Well then, follow the same and witness on your own, how effortless and effective these tips are to nourish your kids with essential nutrients.

But before that, make sure that your kid is getting 60% of the calories from carbohydrates, 12-15% from protein and 20-25% from fat.

Now let’s dive into the tricks you can use to make your kids fall for all food category. Here it follows:

  • Add what your kids love to eat in your basket: Hunger doubles when someone’s favorite food is served on the plate. So, from next time when you visit a grocery store to make a list of fruits and vegetables your kids love to have. In the end, this will add little more excitement in your kid’s tummy while having food.
  •  Schedule a meal plan: It’s necessary to serve a child three meals, two snacks and lots of fluid a day. Therefore, schedule a meal time which will also help to boost their appetite. Furthermore, when followed properly results would be seen within a short period of time itself.
  •  Homemade treats: Have you ever thought of preparing homemade treats like pizza? Yes, I just said -“pizza!”. A pizza that is healthier to eat. For that, you simply have to adjust and replace few of the ingredients while preparing it, like, go for the whole wheat crust rather than using white flour crust adding more of the veggies and less cheese.
  • Serve when they are hungry: The best time to serve food to your child is when they are hungry as they tend to eat what is been served in their plate without any tantrums or creating a fuss. So, always avoid giving snacks in the middle of the day because they won’t turn up to eat their meal properly if they snack continuously.
  •   Introduce new healthy recipes: It’s good for introducing new healthy recipes to your menu as it not only changes the taste but also introduces the new source of nutrients for kids. Try to introduce new recipes after an interval of time rather than presenting frequently as children might end up questioning and discarding them.

Over to you

Try implementing the above mentioned 5 effortless hacks that make your kids fall for food gradually. And let us know in the comment section below how it’s helping you to feed your kids daily essential nutrients.

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