Watermelon cooler

By Nmami Agarwal             06/18/2018

Watermelon cooler

Salt is  a very common ingredient which is not much appreciated  for its health benefits. So, we are grabbing your attention towards this refreshing drink which contains the goodness of black salt which is known for its high nutritive value.

Nutritional benefits – Black salt has exceptional health benefits. It helps in weight loss, treats acidity, prevents muscle cramps and act as a laxative. Watermelon contains a lot of vitamins such as A, B6, and C. It also has lycopene, antioxidants, and amino acids.On the other hand, basil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial compounds and helps to fight stress.


– 1 cups of water                                   

– 1 small cup of watermelon cubes       

– 8-10 fresh leaves of basil     

– ¼ teaspoon of black salt

– a pinch of table salt (optional)

– 1 tsp lemon juice

Serving : 1

Calories: 25 kcal


  • Add watermelon cubes, lemon juice and water in a blender.
  •  Blend it for 2-3 minutes. Chill in the refrigerator.
  • Before serving, add salt to it and some basils for garnishing.

Over to you:

Apart from being delicious and refreshing in taste, the watermelon and basil water combination relief you from stress, detoxify sweat and keeps you hydrated.


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