Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

By Nmami Agarwal             01/18/2019

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

The food and cuisine of Pondicherry is strongly influenced by French and Tamils and from their kitchen we are here with this delicious stuffed cabbage recipe. This dish is a great crowd pleaser and freezes beautifully. Along with that it is loaded with numerous vegetables and rice making it nutritious and tasty.

Nutritional Benefits:

Cabbage is the main ingredient of this dish which is a low-calorie vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Carrots used in the recipe which is a good source of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins K, potassium, and antioxidants. Rice is also used in the recipe which is a great Source of Energy and also a rich source of carbohydrates and therefore, acts as a source of fuel for the body.


  • Cabbage – 50grams
  • Carrot – 20grams
  • Broccoli florets – 30grams
  • Onion – 20 grams
  • Cooked Rice – 15grams
  • Ginger garlic paste – 1teaspoon
  • Chili powder- According to taste
  • Olive oil – 1 teaspoon
  • Salt – According to taste


Course: Evening/ Early Dinner
Calories: 135.8 kcal
Proteins: 3g
Fat: 5.3g
Carbohydrates: 18.1g


  • In a big vessel add water and put it to boil. Place the cabbage inside it and let it boil for around 10minutes.
  • When the cabbage becomes soft switch off the flame and peels the outer leaves of the cabbage carefully.
  • To prepare the cabbage stuffing, add little olive oil in a pan andwhen it is hot add the ginger garlic paste to it.
  • Add chopped onions to it and sauté it for few seconds. Also add the chopped carrot and broccoli to it and mix well in the pan.
  • Now add red chili powder and salt to this and cook until the raw smell of vegetables goes away.
  • Now add cooked rice to the mixture and mix this well.
  • Remove the stem of the cabbage leaves and place the leaf of the cabbage on a plate and place stuffing of prepared mixture to it.
  • Roll the cabbage leaves tightly and bake them for around 30minutes in a preheated oven.


Over to you:

Serve these baked stuffed cabbages with a tangy tomato sauce. You can also sprinkle some cooked soya beans on the top of this healthy snack recipe and enjoy.

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