Lime Ginger Salmon

By Nmami Agarwal             04/23/2019

Lime Ginger Salmon

A yummy and citrusy salmon recipe! Salmon is marinated in lime and ginger marinade and is then baked with goodness of health!


Nutritional Benefits

Salmon is a great source of protein, B vitamins, potassium and selenium. It contains omega-3 fatty acids which help in reducing inflammation, lower blood pressure and also prevents heart disease risks.

Lemon contains pectin which helps in lowering blood sugar levels and is an excellent source of vitamin C important for immune function and skin health.


Energy – 136.1 kcal
Protein –10 grams
Carbohydrate – 1.05 grams
Fat – 10.2 grams



  • Salmon fillets = 50 g
  • Juice of 1 whole small lemon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger, grated
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • Olive oil – 1 tsp




  • In a small bowl, prepare the MARINADE. Whisk lemon juice, ginger, black pepper, salt and olive oil.
  • Spread some of the marinade on the bottom of a baking dish. Place the salmon fillets into the remaining marinade and let them marinate for 10 minutes.
  • Turn on oven’s broiler on high. Line salmon fillets onto a parchment sheet and pour the remaining marinade over it. Coat it.
  • Broil for 12 minutes, rotating baking sheet to prevent burning. Cook until it turns brown and is cooked through.
  • Serve hot.


Over to you

Give your health a dash of healthy fats by incorporating this recipe in your dietary regimen on at least a weekly basis, because healthy fats are in!



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