Healthy Benefits Of Herbs

By Nmami Agarwal             06/18/2018

Healthy Benefits Of Herbs

Do you know herbs are packed with enormous health benefits which not just crafts aromatic and delicious cuisines worldwide? That is also widely considered as an essential component in ancient medicine as well. Although number of herbs are available, but parsley, rosemary and basil are common and most useful herbs.
Herbs like mint, stevia, thyme, basil, sage, lavender, oregano, rosemary, parsley and lemon verbena contains healing properties which helps in treating a number of health issues. Along with their unique aroma and exotic flavors- enhance the taste of the food too. When meld with other herbs they form a novel taste compounds that can’t be replicated with any other combination. Also, herbs have been added to the food form past thousands of years which happens to have some amazing health benefits.
Herbs are drastically associated with notable health benefits, some of which include reduced risk of cancer, psychological boost, fights inflammation, support cardiovascular health, fights against fungals and bacteria, alleviates pains, help in treating cold and cough, supports bone health, promote flawless skin and long hair.

Let’s get down to it in little more details.

  • Anti-inflammation Properties: There’s no doubt that including herbs in your daily diet is the healthiest path to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Herb that is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties is oregano which has an enzyme beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP), the safest way to trim
    down your joints inflammation. Beta-caryophyllin also stops the development of inflammation- causing substance while minimize swelling and other factors associated with it.
  • Herbs Boost Psychological Health: Consuming certain herbs enhances cognitive functioning and if you wish to boost your psychological health, integrate rosemary into your daily diet plan. This miraculous herb is deal for the brain which not just improves the memory but also fights cause of severe brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Consuming herbs laden with antioxidants is vital that helps in treating various health problems. You can acquire abundance of antioxidants by adding thyme to your diet as it have antioxidants which potentially absorbs oxygen and fight from free radicals causing severe diseases. So next time, don’t you forget to sprinkle fresh thyme over your food.
  • Herbs are Anti-fungal and Antibacterial: If you have some sort of food allergies then, oregano is advised to incorporate in your diet because this mighty herb has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. These properties are crucial to get through your diet as it fights against food allergies, food-borne infections and diseases of course.
  • For Cough and Cold: Sore throat, cold and cough are undoubtedly utterly irritating. And the best way to treat them is by consuming herbal tea. Sipping on warm herbal tea not only gives you relieve from the symptom of common cold and flu but also works to calm your nervous system. Try thyme or sage tea as it has potential properties to protect your body from infections.
  • Alleviates Pain: Continuous consumption of herbs gives relief from body pain including joints pain. Herbs like peppermint, sage and curcumin, are effective in eliminating such bodily pain. Moreover, these herbs are also widely used to treat menstrual pain.

Over to you
Hope you have got the overall idea of herbs which are not just for garnishing or giving the aroma to your dishes, but something beyond to uplift your health in all its natural form. So, next time do remember to go for some herbs shopping as well along with your grocery shopping.

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