Health & Nutrition Prospects Under HIV

By Nmami Agarwal             12/01/2018

Health & Nutrition Prospects Under HIV

Health and Immune V/S HIV
HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a life threatening virus that damages the body’s immune system which helps it to fight off with end number of infections. Those untreated HIV contaminates and destroys CD4 cells- a type of immune cell known as “T cells”. By the time, as HIV destroys more of CD4 cells, the body is gets more inclined to get infected by various types of infections including cancers.

Transmission of HIV gets through via bodily fluids which include vaginal or rectal fluids, blood semen and breast milk. However, human immunodeficiency virus doesn’t spread in air, water or via casual contact.

Currently HIV has no permanent cure and is a lifelong condition, although scientists are in progression to find one. However, with the help of treatment called antiretroviral therapy, HIV can be managed and becomes possible to live with its virus for following years.

But HIV takes a toil over health when it goes undetected and untreated which likely develops in a serious condition called AIDS. Under this condition, immune system becomes too weak to fight off with any of the diseases and even with minor infections. Untreated, life lasts with AIDS nearly about three years. That’s why antiretroviral therapy is highly recommended for HIV’s as this treatment can control life expectancy in the same way like someone who hasn’t contracted HIV.

Principles of Nutrition and HIV
Few basic principles of healthy eating and meal planning accordingly serve well to the health of HIV-positive people. Have a look ahead on few basic principles that includes:

  • Having a regular diet significantly high in veggies, fruits, legumes and especially whole grains.
  • Including proteins, carbohydrates and a bit of healthy fats in all the meals and tea time snacks.
  • Choosing low-fat and lean sources of protein to plan a diet/meal.
  • At last, limiting soft drinks, soda, alcohol, sweets and foods with added sugar.

Good Nutrition and Followed Benefits

  • Improves the quality of life in all by supplying the consumed nutrients to required bodily needs.
  • Keep up the immune system stronger than general under HIV in order to fight better with diseases.
  • All together, help the body to manage HIV symptoms and complications.
  • Up lifts the process of medications and help deal with its side effects, if any.

Over to you
Human immunodeficiency virus deteriorates the immune system and hence to keep the health stable, body needs more nutrients to keep nutrient its defenses against germs. Therefore, eating well and especially fruits and veggies at least seven to eight times a day can help the body fight off flu and other infections. Sticking to nutrition principles mentioned above gives a boost the energy, help evade health complications and ease the issues developed by HIV and its treatments.

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