Health First, Fun Next: Monsoon Do’s and Don’ts

By Nmami Agarwal             08/30/2017

Health First, Fun Next: Monsoon Do’s and Don’ts

Everything is fair in rain and cold, many believe.

But we know this is a misconception, don’t we? While the wet and chilly monsoon gives us the much-needed relief from the scorching summer sun opening doors to piping hot, spicy foods, it is no license to eat unhealthy or take your body for granted.

There’s a lot of undesirable action that happens during the rainy season, such as diarrhea and food poisoning along with a common cough, cold and flu. Hence, a healthy diet needs to be made a part of the lifestyle.

Here are a few things you need to take care of during this season.

The musts of the monsoon diet

  • Moderation:With the cold weather, body’s metabolism becomes sluggish, and we tend to gain weight easily. It might be good news for those with “weight gain” as their health goal, but not so much for the rest of us. So, consume all kinds of food in moderation.
  • Warmth:Soups and teas are the go-to drinks in a rainy weather. However, go for warm ones, not piping hot. To make the drink inherently warm for the body (and not your tongue), add pepper, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, etc.
  • Light:The heavier the curry, the more time it takes in preparation and later, in its digestion. So, go for lighter, water-based stews instead thick gravies, even if you’re a vegetarian.
  • Fresh:Buy fresh, cook fresh, eat fresh, feel fresh — in a season that freshens up your mood and spirits why bring your body down with stale food. Enjoy the seasonal foods and have them while they are fresh and as with time their nutrients fragment, and they become less nutritious.
  • Hydrating:RO-UV purified water is best during rains. If for some reason, it’s not available, boil and filter water opt for fresh coconut water. Even though the weather is humid, your body loses water and salt, and it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated.

The dare not’s of the season

  • Sliced or smashed:It is convenient to buy chopped vegetables or fruit salads from outside, but is it healthy? Never. The pathogens are everywhere, and they breed in places where nutrition is ‘conveniently’ available — your convenience food. So, avoid buying or eating cut fruits and vegetables. Bring them home, wash properly, cut, sauté lightly, and enjoy.
  • Fried outside:Yes, roadside stalls and fried foods are too tempting and conveniently available to ignore. Still, give your body a break from them. They are the biggest carriers of food poisoning causing bacteria. Satiate all such cravings from a trusted hygienic restaurant.
  • Bulk discounts:We know nothing beats the seasonal fresh foods, and so we buy in bulk to avoid multiple trips to the market. Don’t do that. Buy fruits and veggies for 2 days only and consume them while they are fresh and uncontaminated. Discard the remaining ones.
  • Raw and unboiled:We balance the fried and spicy by having platefuls of salads. Avoid that. You heard me right — avoid raw salads. Instead, sauté them a bit to kill the contamination and pathogens.
  • Fish and meat:Just as you’d refrain from fried and heavy curries, avoid eating half boiled non-vegetarian items, fish, eggs, etc. The may seem appetizing, but during this hot and humid weather, they are the worst food items for your skin and your system.

Stick to these five do’s and don’ts and celebrate the rains with colorful clothes, umbrellas, and warm chats. Let the monsoon dampen your hair and clothes but not your spirit.

Stay healthy. Stay Blessed.

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