Guidelines For Child Nutrition

By Nmami Agarwal             09/08/2018

Guidelines For Child Nutrition

Do you really think that establishing healthy eating habits in your kids and encouraging them towards proper nutrition is the only essential thing which will help them to attain the entire nutritional requirement their body needs on daily basis?  That’s pretty true that from a very young age, these things impact your kid’s overall health and have been proven to establish a good relationship with food.

You are nowhere wrong when you focus on providing your kids a well-balanced diet for their physical, cognitive growth and development and maybe that’s what you try and teach them about; healthy eating habits and importance of it. Meanwhile, you might somewhere miss out a few necessary guidelines to consider which will enhance their nutritional intake. Below, are a few of them, have look!

  • Keep trying even if you don’t succeed: Kids require more time and exposure to the specific type of food which they are not aware of recently and might need to explore it ten to twenty times before deciding to put it in their plate. These ten to twenty tries before determining if they really like it also require your effort to help them select the same by placing it over and over again on their plate. So if your kids reject some food item, try again in a few weeks.
  • Move over flavoured milk: Avoid feeding your kids too much of flavoured milk. Instead, feed them organic cow milk or milk suitable for them depending upon their daily activity levels. Also, low-fat milk, almond milk or skimmed milk should be avoided when it comes to kid’s nutrition as they don’t require a number of nutrients from such kinds of milk in their growing years. Avoid adding flavouring powders in milk. Instead, go for some saffron, nuts or nutmeg in the milk.
  • Don’t forbid treats: You perhaps might consider good to restrict some foods completely out of your kid’s diet but such forbidden foods could be proven a drawback and they might tend to overeat those foods when they get to eat them. So, instead, go for a balanced approach encouraging healthy homemade treats in controlled portions. Mould their favourite treats in healthy treats by swapping its ingredients and ways of cooking.
  • Let them discover on their own: Stop telling your kids over and over again about foods and nutrients that should be that part of their diet. Rather, let them discover the same on their own by asking questions about certain foods rich in nutrients like protein, fat, vitamin, minerals and fiber. It is important that your kid should be able to assimilate nutrients in their memory as we instead of merely consuming it.

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Nutrients are those essential substances that can only be provided to your kid through food to enable their bodies for optimal functioning. These nutritional requirements are influenced by factors including the child’s age, growth stage, and activity.


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