Fresh Radiant Juice

By Nmami Agarwal             06/28/2018

Fresh Radiant Juice

Vegetables, no doubt are amongst the healthiest food to keep your body fit on the earth providing all those essential nutrients to ensure our overall health. But at times, eating vegetables can be a monotonous routine to follow.  So, here we present a power-packed juice which provides a wide spectrum of nutrients.

Nutritional Benefits

Vegetables like carrot, beetroot, spinach, and red bell peppers are packed with vitamin A, antioxidants and folate. This delicious juice mixed with mint will help you combat your digestive problems like indigestion and flatulence whereas; the zesty flavour of ginger will add a twist to the juice. Pumpkin seeds used for toppings in this juice are rich in vital vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, B-complex compounds, and phytonutrients.

Calories: 65.5

Course: Breakfast or Evening


  • Carrots- 1/2
  • Beetroot- 1/2
  • Red bell pepper- ½
  • leave Spinach- 4
  • Mint leaves- 6-7
  • Ginger- ½ inch
  • Pumpkin seed- ½ tsp


  • Rinse and peel all the vegetables.
  • Mix all the ingredients in a blender and blend all together properly.
  • Pour the juice in a glass and garnish it with mint leaves and a pinch of pumpkin seeds.

Over to You

Have such a refreshing giant juice glass and let it detoxify your body and refresh your mood this summer. So, next time don’t pick those tetra-packed juice rather pick fresh veggies and make a fresh glass of juice.

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