Five Universal Dietary And Training Mistake That Ruins Muscle Gain

By Nmami Agarwal             04/30/2019

Five Universal Dietary And Training Mistake That Ruins Muscle Gain

Muscle gain is no more a practise performed by models, actors, fitness trainers, and athletes. It’s for everyone nowadays! Muscle gain leads to an increase in the body’s energy requirements, increases metabolic rates and it causes the body to burn fat. Muscle gain significantly improves strength and makes everyday easier.

Above all, it gets you in a good shape, makes you attractive and protects from various forms of diseases. Strength training, weight lifting and taking right proteins is great but here are some mistakes that can significantly ruins your performance.


Five dietary and training mistakes


  • Eating moderate protein: Protein plays an important building block in the process of muscle gain. It is necessary to add dietary protein not just from the animal but dairy and plant sources too as it has essential amino acids for building new muscle tissue after vigorous exercise. Although, sometimes people take it too seriously and start adding too much protein in the diet which is also a huge mistake people tend do while muscle gaining.


  • Skipping breakfast: Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. The body needs fuel to perform all the activities that you do in a day and it have to take that energy from somewhere, even from the muscles which later leads to muscle breakdown. Missing the breakfast also interferes with the blood sugar levels which cause unwanted body fat and undesirable swings in energy. Skipping this important meal also leads to overeating throughout the day.


  • Not fuelling before and after exercise: The body demands fuel to function, this fuel is required during exercise and also for the few hours after exercise. If the body does not have enough fuel the muscle makes breakdown into glucose by the hormone cortisol. If the body has enough carbohydrate (not too much) then it will prevent the cortisol from performing such a task.


  • Excessive Cardio: Normal cardio is okay along with weight lifting and muscle exercises but overdoing cardio in order to burn fat quicker leads to sabotaging overall body composition. Cardio leads to burning calories but calories are necessary in order to gain muscle. Gaining muscle will be much more difficult if the body is fighting a constant calorie deficit.


  • Setting more elite expectation: Setting too high goals in too less time is just a de-motivating thing to set up for self. Unrealistic goals, trying to build a body like someone, and setting too less time to achieve a specific goal often leads to taking you back than taking you forward towards the goals. It is necessary to set realistic goals, have patience in the process and trusting the process in order to attain desired goals.


Over to you

Muscle gain is something which is desired by every other guy and even girl today. It has broad importance than just having a fit body and good biceps! It brings a shift in the day to day activities and by taking care of certain things during the process will improve the gaining process and protects from muscle breakdown.


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