Five Foods To Eat To Cool Down Your Body From Within

By Nmami Agarwal             05/03/2019

Five Foods To Eat To Cool Down Your Body From Within

Soaring temperatures and extreme heat can lead to vary your body temperature. There are multiple ways to lower the body heat. Adequate hydration is one of the feasible and an effective way to deal with this. It is eminent to incorporate all the cooling food in your summer diet to ensure protection from heat exposure and warm temperature. Stuff yourself abundantly with fresh foods and coolants to stay healthy this season. Deal with the heat stress by taking into consideration all the foods to avoid in summers and switch onto a nourishing diet.

Here’s a summer food list to give your body a cooling effect when you feel the extreme heat.

  • Watermelon: Fondly known as a body-healing fruit- watermelon has a very cooling effect on the body. It comes with a wide range of healthful benefits. With great water content, it keeps in keeping the body hydrated. Watermelon is packed with antioxidants that help in detoxification, stimulate immunity, lessens inflammation and boosts overall health. This luscious fruit also improves your mood and balances hormones.
  • Cucumber: Cucumber keeps your body truly cool during the scorching heat. Cucumber has a very high water content that keeps you well hydrated all throughout the summer days. It regulates sugar levels in the body, aids in weight loss and it revitalizes the skin too. Low in calories, cucumber promotes digestive health and helps in detoxification. Extremely refreshing, it helps in soothing you completely!
  • Leafy Greens: The green leafy veggies are packed with antioxidants, fibers and other essential nutrients. It improves digestion and helps the body fight free radicals. In addition to it, it’s tremendously hydrating and keeps fatigue and weakness away. Likewise, it serves nutritional values and benefits to the overall health and keeps the body safe from scorching heat.
  • Celery: Low in calories, celery is very hydrating. It aids in digestion and manages weight. Celery has high water content and helps in detoxification. It minimizes inflammation and prevents the risk of developing various diseases. With great nutritional values, celery is all set to sedate you in the heat. It reduces stress and anxiety and helps you keep composed.
  • Coconut water: The healthiest summer coolant, coconut water is exceedingly hydrating. The water content averts dehydration. It aids in digestion and prevents bloating. It helps to detox and cleanse the body. Coconut water has a cooling effect on your body. It boosts your energy quickly and stimulates immunity. It not only quenches your thirst but also replenishes the lost energy.

Over to you
Light and healthy summer foods help fight heat stroke, boost the immunity and enhance the overall health. It keeps your body temperature cool and makes you stay hydrated. So, keep yourself unheated and refreshed this season by inculcating the listed foods in this blog.

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