Erotic Food Guide

By Nmami Agarwal             11/21/2018

Erotic Food Guide

You must keep yourself healthy and hydrated in order to have a great sex life. Sex and food are two of our important aspects of life, so why not combine them together! There are a number of foods that help you boost your libido and enhance your sex life.

Libido is your natural sex drive. It is influenced by psychological, biological and social factors. To remain healthy, mentally and physically you need to keep a check on what you take in. You should feel physically and emotionally healthy in order to keep your sexual interests high.

Explore The Erotic Foods Guide

  • Berries: Just as amazing as they taste, they are also a potential libido booster. Strawberries have high vitamin B folate, which help in preventing birth defects. They also have vitamin C, a potential libido booster. Blackberries and blueberries contain compounds that help to keep the blood vessels relaxed and improve circulation. Blueberries have substances which help in fighting urinary tract infection (uti), which is caused due to sex and other problems and creates a discomfort during sex.
  • Chocolates: How can someone say no to chocolates? Knowing the benefits, you would want to eat more of it. It increases the blood flow to the sexual organs, also contains an amino acid called L-arginine, which can be used as a natural sex enhancer. Nitric oxide is also increased, which in turn increases sensation, satisfaction, and desire.
  • Organic Honey: Suffering from low stamina and low libido during sex? Well not to worry, as you don’t have to rush to a doctor, you simply have to get honey. It is full of boron mineral, which is best known to boost testosterone while metabolizing estrogen.
  • Peaches: It contains citrulliamine amino acids which are good for cardiovascular system and help to relax the blood vessels, which in turn increases the sexual desire. Peaches prevent kidney diseases which can be caused by severe U.T.I., which in turn is caused sexy and bacteria.
  • Red Wine: You get dehydrated once involved in some exercise which gets you drained out of energy, and you thirst for water. After sex everyone gets dehydrated. Try red wine, but just a glass and not more. It boosts your testosterone, a hormone which increases sexual desires. It decreases the chances of erectile dysfunction by fourteen percent.

Over to You:

To fan your flames of passion, step up and start taking these edibles and drink to help yourself with a better bed pleasure. You could also use some exercise to boost up yourself and your partner. Poor food choices not only deplete your energy level but also lead towards an unhealthy sex life. So, choose carefully and have a happy life ahead!

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