Embrace Right Nutrition for the Love Hormone (Oxytocin)

By Nmami Agarwal             02/11/2019

Embrace Right Nutrition for the Love Hormone (Oxytocin)

A part of our brain looks for love, happiness, bliss and health in our life hence, we experience things such as social interaction, pair bonding, and then endocrine system responds by releasing oxytocin- love hormone and even marked as liquid trust. Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that is made in hypothalamus and stored and released by pituitary gland.

It’s responsible for human behavior associated with relationships and bonding. Also, it is responsible for sense of connection between mother and child and also works during intimate, physical or emotional phase.

How Oxytocin works

Oxytocin in females work with body organs including uterus and breast and it is also a neurotransmitter which controls key aspects of reproductive system, including child birth and lactation, aspects of human behavior. Oxytocin in men plays a role in sperm moment and production in testosterone by the testes.

Too much or too little oxytocin

Oxytocin also comes with a dark side, high levels of oxytocin in men over fifty have been linked to benign prostatic hyperplasia- a condition that cause prostate this may cause difficulty in passing urine Whereas, low levels of oxytocin may cause poor social functioning which is linked to autism and autistic disorder.

Ways to positively balance oxytocin

Several things lead to stimulation of oxytocin levels which involves physical touch, words of encouragement, smile, laugh, meditation and exercise.

  • Vitamin D: Including brain, every tissue of body is a receptor of vitamin D. Autistic children has low level of oxytocin due to lack of oxytocin, deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to costly physiological and psychological consequences. Salmon, tuna, egg yolks and mushrooms have significant levels of Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin C: It is an easy way to optimize oxytocin, which then increases intimacy, improves mood and relieves stress. Vitamin C every day from fruits and vegetable such as green pepper, citrus fruits, tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli can lead to increase in Oxytocin hormone.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium participates in more than three hundred biochemical reaction in human body. Oxytocin receptors require magnesium to function properly. Magnesium rich foods include spinach, chard, pumpkin seeds, almonds, avocado, dark chocolates and banana.
  • Taurine: It is an organic compound found in food, particularly in animal products. It can cross the blood brain barrier, improve mood and produce anti-anxiety effects. It reduces anxiety by increase the level of oxytocin in brain. Taurine is found in chicken, fish and sea plants like sweet kelp and kombu.
  • Caffeine: Ever wondered why friends meet over coffee, here you go. Coffee helps in significant increase in the release of oxytocin. It is better to consume whole coffee fruit instead of coffee bean or pure caffeine because coffee fruits have benefits not found in beans themselves.


Over to you

Oxytocin is hormone of love and bliss, and almost all kind of nutrition rich food can stimulates release of oxytocin. It’s also influenced by all other senses. By consuming foods rich in vitamin c and magnesium you can certainly help the receptors of oxytocin to function properly.


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