Eight Ways to Break the Weight Loss Plateau

By Srijan Kaur     04/10/2019

Eight Ways to Break the Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateau is a stage when the needle on scale refuses to show a budge. It is a stage which hinders the motivation and discourages the dieter to continue to follow same diet. But it is important for you to understand that why this stage arises.

During the initial weeks of weight loss, a rapid drop is usually observed as body tends to shed water weight which means that the water retention within the body is reduced. As you proceed further with diet, you tend to lose some of the muscle along with fat which slows down the metabolism resulting in burning of fewer calories as compared to that during initial weeks.

When the amount of calories you burn is equal to the calories you eat, you reach a plateau. But when we are at a weight loss regime there comes a time when this plateau does not break, so let us know some quick tips to break this plateau-

  • Choose complex carbs over simple ones- Steer clear of refined sugar, refined flour, cookies, and packaged fruit juices. Focus on whole grains like whole wheat, bajra, ragi, jowar, oats, and quinoa. These carbs will keep you fuller for long, and would constantly release energy to keep you active.
  • Have protein rich diet – Having diet high in protein can also help in breaking the plateau as the protein increases the metabolism thereby boosts the calorie burning. High protein sources include milk and milk products, eggs, fish, chicken, pulses and legumes.
  • Increase physical activity- A little increase in physical activity can also give a jerk to body and can help in overcoming this weight loss plateau. Minimum 40 minutes of brisk walking is recommended.
  • Increase fiber intake-Eating fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables, prunes, whole cereals, beans and legumes makes you feel fuller for longer period of time and also slows down the absorption of the food. Thus more the fiber, the more is the chance to overcome the weight loss plateau.
  • Drink plenty of water- It is advised to consume minimum 2-3 liters of water in a day to stay hydrated. Also water helps in minimizing bloating issues and also helps in further weight loss.
  • Avoid stress- Stress hormone known as cortisol is released into the body during stress situations, can make it difficult to lose weight. Thus it is advised to take less of stress during this period of time.
  • Abstain from alcohol- You must abstain from alcohol to overcome this weight loss plateau.
  • Have a good sleep- A good sound sleep relaxes the mind and body and also increases the metabolic rate and keep hormones balanced thereby helps in further weight loss.

Over to You

Weight loss plateaus usually are frustrating and demoralizing for you. But you must realize that they are a normal part of the weight loss process and almost everyone experience it at some point on time during their weight loss journey. By following these tips and strategies you can easily overcome this plateau and achieve your goal weight.



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