Don’t Skip The Breakfast

By Nmami Agarwal             01/22/2019

Don’t Skip The Breakfast

Breakfast literally refers to a meal that broke the fast, in other words, the night-time fast. One should shake up and wake up to a healthy and fulfilling breakfast always. Your breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day, and there are plenty of reasons for it to be crowned so. With the grip of fad diet trends like intermittent fasting becoming all the way popular, or because of a fast paced lifestyle and pressure to reach office on time- more and more people are purposefully skipping their breakfasts. But how unhealthy is it? Let’s find out

  • Declined Cognitive Function- After sleeping through the night, your body needs to refresh and regain energy and nutrients just in the right time frame to engage in physiological activities. Glucose is the main fuel for brain function, and optimal cognitive function requires the maintenance of a stable blood glucose level. Skipping your breakfast can lead to lowering of cognitive function and work efficiency. Your brain performs best when the blood glucose level is in the range of 80–120 mg/dL. With the gradual depletion of blood glucose by regularly skipping breakfast, you begin to feel fatigued and experience a decline in cognitive function.
  • Greater risk of Diseases- An adequate breakfast not only maintains your body’s energy levels but also reduce the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and other chronic diseases. Skipping the morning breakfast is linked with disrupted glucose tolerance which is further associated with the development of pre diabetes and diabetes. A Harvard study found that people who regularly didn’t eat breakfast had a twenty percent increased risk of developing type II diabetes. Another study by same institute found that people who skipped breakfast had a twenty seven percent greater risk of heart diseases than those who dug in a healthy breakfast.
  • Weight Gain – There is a direct link between skipping breakfast and weight gain. One reason to this is if you do not consume a wholesome meal at the beginning of the day, you may tend to over eat for the next remaining hours. Another reason is that skipping breakfast disrupts body’s internal clock also called circadian rhythm, and by doing so you may accumulate more fat and burn less calories. This also leads to blood sugar spikes and poor insulin responses for the rest of the day leading to the stacking of all those unwanted kilos.
  • More Cravings- The area of the brain that gets attracted to “appealing food” is most activated when you are empty stomach or hungry for a long duration. As a result, you might tend to consume four to five times more calories than your actual requirement, if you skip your first meal of the day. A research showed that people experience a dramatic decline in cravings for sweet foods when they eat breakfast.
  • Hangry –Being angry when you are hungry is the literal meaning of this newly coined term “hangry”. Skipping your breakfast and going hungry for a longer duration is actually very bad for your mood and brain function. The drop in the blood glucose levels can make you irritable, and restless. Moreover, being in the zone of hangry is really bad for your mental health and it can make you prone towards developing stress related disorders and depression.

Over to you

Keep your sanity intact and energy levels to the maximum by indulging in a power-packed and nutrient-dense breakfast, every single day. Do not forget to check out our recipe section for amazing breakfast delights.

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