Dining Out

By Nmami Agarwal             10/18/2018

Dining Out

Everyone is conscious about one’s body. Aren’t you? Well, you don’t have to worry about it! Fat-loss is tough but nothing worth achieving is ever easy. You might think, “I will be hungry all the time if I cut out three hundred calories from my diet.” Yes, you definitely are going to feel hungry when you eat less and not really your kind of food. But understating the food choice and meal pattern will help you get adjusted with this challenge called “Dining Out.” After all, to achieve something you have to work on it mentally and physically both.

Now when you hear about dieting all you think is reducing the amount of food you eat, but dieting is not only about cutting down the quantity of your food but it also depends on healthy food choices. This is because if you only cut of the quantity and don’t pay major attention to what food you are eating when the major part of your diet is to eat healthy and clean instead of letting yourself starve. You need to be careful with your diet plan and should consult an expert regarding it.

You should ensure to take in all the essential nutrients that your body requires. You should take in light meals and consume more of whole grains such as oats, quinoa and other than that fresh vegetables and fruits including green leafy veggies, avocado, whole eggs, and salmon.

Few important things you must keep in your mind while on diet program are: read labels of food items you purchase (calories, sodium, and fat) try avoiding diet coke, soda or any type of aerated drink and cut down on caffeine. Take down moderate number of calories in two to three meals, have lighter yet healthy meals with more veggies. Don’t being on fast foods instead, go for some fancy salad. Avoid eating when on social media or while working. and most importantly, make a commitment to maintain healthy and clean eating habits.

What role do you have to play?

No stress! You just have to challenge your lifestyle for 15 days with the #15daychallenge to see the change in you. All you have to do is eat a healthier, add on green veggies and fruits. Get fit. Stay calm. Eat healthy. And see the real change at last!

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