Detox after Vacation – Fact or Fiction

By Shivika     07/03/2019

Detox after Vacation – Fact or Fiction

Vacation and food habits go completely out the window for all kinds of reasons. Everybody wants to enjoy, taste the local flavours, not miss out on anything, and treat oneself to foods that might otherwise eat infrequently. The best part of vacation is really that one does not have to cook. Meals are pre-prepared and brought directly to the table. Every day of such vacation is a foodie paradise. Calories mean nothing. Mealtimes are irrelevant. Snacks are everything.

But now since, that Vacation is over, it’s time to get back on track and nip bloating, pimples, and dehydration in the bud.

So, a detox vacation is what is required when one move away from the noise and chaos of the regular life to spend some time in peace and indulge in healthy food and activities. But either one call it “a detox,” “juicing” or “the master cleanse, detox diets do no more than the body’s own natural system to get rid of toxins. They tend to be very low in calories, hovering around 1,000 calories daily. It includes fasting or only living on liquids while on the other hand allow fruits and vegetables. The most extreme of the lot require taking herbs and supplements while one cleanse the colon to empty the intestines. The goal: to give the body a break from digestion.

But despite the increasing popularity of these plans, there’s very little scientific evidence to support the need to give the organs a digestive vacation. In fact, detoxing in this way may rob the organs of vital nutrients. So, whether it is cucumber splashing into water or models sitting smugly next to a pile of vegetables, it’s tough not to be sucked in by the detox industry.

The idea that one can wash away the calorific sins is the perfect antidote to the fast-food lifestyles and alcohol-lubricated social lives.

Hence, an individual should not waste their time, money or the health on detox plans. The best advice for a healthy body remains to follow an overall healthy lifestyle with a balanced eating plan and regular exercise. If one can avoid overindulging in the first place, he/she will not feel uncomfortable.

By all means, enjoy the festive season and allow oneself some treats, but try not to overdo it. As with all things in life, moderation is key. Consume ample amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink enough water, power up with whole grains, stick to lean proteins, cut down on fats, salt and sugar, stay active, and allow your body to take care of the rest.

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Thus, no quick fix plan is smart for significant detox. But sometimes, a few days of clean eating and healthy practices is helpful to reset the taste for food and bring the body back to where it was before vacation. Eating foods that are natural, unprocessed, and full of nutrition is beneficial. Of course, in a perfect world, this is how we would eat all the time. But that’s not realistic for most of us, given the busy lives and hectic schedules.


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