Can Quick Weight Loss Stay With You Longer?

By Nmami Agarwal             04/09/2019

Can Quick Weight Loss Stay With You Longer?

Weight gain is linked with the social consequences due to society’s obsession with the physical beauty and various health problems associated with overweight and obesity like heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and some sort of cancer.

Though it’s important to shed excess weight in order to keep the body fit and healthy, today a sheer number of people want to lose weight that too in no time. And that’s when crash diet enters to one’s lifestyle.


Crash Diet’s Adapting Concept

In search of how do you quickly lose weight due to peer pressure, often makes you come across the fad diets or crash diets. Unfortunately, crash diets are most trending and probably one of the successful ways to shed weight quickly. The lost weight through crash diet is generally short-lived and can have a negative impact on the body and mind.

Crash/Fad diets are blood type diet, baby food diet, grapefruit diet, and master cleanse diet. These diets take dieting to a drastic level in hopes of looking leaner in a matter of weeks or days.


The Weight You Lose Due To Fad Diets, Comes Back Even More Quickly It Left!

Metabolism is the rate through which the body utilizes nutrition. It is defined as how many calories the body burns. The calorie burn is positively related to the levels of metabolism, higher the metabolism, more calories are burned, lower the metabolism, lesser calories are burned. Extreme dieting leads to high muscle breakdown than any other steady approach to losing weight which in return leads to muscle breakdown resulting in a slow metabolic rate.

The major reason behind bouncing back of weight is the slowdown of metabolism through crash diets. Weight loss in a short time span causes metabolism to slow down which results in more weight gain in the future. The fact is, two people of the same age, gender, height, and weight can also have a different resting metabolic rate (RMR). Following a strict 1000 or 1500 calorie plan will not yield the same results due to variance in RMR.


Other Effects Of Fad Diets

Along with killing the metabolism and quick weight bounce, fad diets have more ghastly effects on the body. Fad diets also reduce the immunity levels because the body doesn’t take up essential vitamins and minerals essential for the system. These diets also lead to dehydration. Heart health can also get affected which increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. Not having the right nutrients in diet can also cause irregular and inconsistent bowel movements.

There is no shortcut to reduce the body weight quickly. In order to reduce body weight that sustains for long and demands nothing but a healthy diet must contains all the essential nutrients which are required to keep the body healthy, fit, in shape and away from diseases.


Over to you

The bottom line is that it needs to be a lifestyle change, not a crash diet if you want to make a permanent weight change.


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