Breastfeeding benefits for weight loss

By Nmami Agarwal             08/06/2018

Breastfeeding benefits for weight loss

Pregnancy is a sensitive phase in life when you need to take special care of yourself. The time after childbirth or postpartum days are similarly important when your diet should be adequate for both, you and newborn baby. After all, breastfeeding is your baby’s diet for the next six month’s diet enabling him to grow. Yes, we know your next concern is most probably the weight; you have gained during the last nine months.  But there’s nothing to be blamed in particular or to yourself. That’s all just because of the inevitable weight gain associated with the coming of a new baby.

But why does a mother tends to gain weight after pregnancy? Well, the major factors might differ from stress, depression and thyroid issues. The body of a mother gets accustomed to the fetus and therefore, the postpartum period is followed by an excessive weight gain. After which the question comes, can the postpartum weight gain be reduced?

To reduce the weight gained at the time of pregnancy, a healthy well-balanced diet is best suitable deal go with. At the same time, points to remember are- never opt for crash diet and no starvation. Getting back into your old body is all every new mother want but you must be careful to walk away with a healthy weight loss journey and should take a little time. And in case you plan to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight start executing it by six to twelve months after the delivery as most mothers shed half of the weight right after six weeks post childbirth. The rest often drops over the next several months itself.

Therefore, so far, after delivery breastfeeding mothers don’t have to worry that much. While you’re pregnant, the body automatically makes an extra layer of fatty tissues so that you could have enough fat stored in your body to support breastfeeding. After the childbirth, however, if what you continue to have a well-balanced diet, breastfeeding can help you shed extra pounds without any such compromising on either your health or your baby’s by dieting. And in this way, you naturally tend to burn calories to make breast milk every time.

Whereas, mothers who diet, exercise robustly, or skip meals may drop pounds in short span, but may also release high levels of toxins in breast milk. Weight loss that happens too fast can make you produce less milk. So don’t let dieting and skipping meals deter you from breastfeeding. Rather, focus toward a gradual weight loss, have a healthy diet, and eat when feeling hungry. It’s the only best, easy and safest way of losing weight to get into you post-pregnancy clothes.

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Pregnancy causes some long-lasting changes to your body making it a little difficult for you to shed the extra weight you gained during that time. You may also get a softer belly, wider waistline, and hips as well but if you maintain a nutritious diet and stick to all three meals with some realistic goals about your new body will help to lose weight positively and effectively without affecting your baby’s breastfeeding diet and your health.

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