Breakfast with the twist; Pomegranate Avocado Toast

By Nmami Agarwal             01/24/2018

Breakfast with the twist; Pomegranate Avocado Toast

Are you someone who loves experimenting with breakfast? The one who easily gets bored
with regular sandwiches? Well, this blog with the Pomegranate Avocado toast recipe is for
you. It’s super yummy, full of nutrients and a perfect meal for pomegranate lovers. You can
also enjoy it with soup or salad in the supper time.

What do you need?

  •  1 bulb of garlic
  •    2 large slices of whole grain bread
  •   3tbsp of Yoghurt / hung curd
  •    1 avocado thinly slices
  •    ½ cup pomegranate seeds handful
  •    Pinch of ground black pepper

Nutritional Benefits: Avocados are very nutritious and contain a wide variety
of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals.

Servings – 1 pieces
Calories – 170  kcal

How to cook?

1.   Cut about ½ inch (1 cm) off the top of the bulb of garlic to expose the tops of the cloves.
Gently peel off excess papery skin.

2.   Chop garlic finely, by using the flat of the blade and a paddling motion to squash the
chopped garlic, working your way across the pile. Scrape up the garlic into a pile and crush
again, repeating this two or three times until you have a fine paste.

3.   Lightly toast the bread with garlic paste in a toaster

4.   In a small bowl mix the hung curd with a pinch of black pepper.

5.   Now top each piece of toast with hung curd.

6.   In the end layer on with the avocado slices and sprinkle with fresh pomegranate seeds to
add more flavour and freshness in your toast.

Over to you
A healthy breakfast is very important for your body to function properly. It prepares you for a
challenging day. While there are so many ways to experiment with your breakfast while
keeping it healthy, the Pomegranate Avocado toast is something you must try. It’s super
healthy and delicious.
If you have more recipes like this, share it with us and let the world know about it.

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