Best Post Match Recovery Ideas

By Nmami Agarwal             05/02/2019

Best Post Match Recovery Ideas

A rigorous game takes a toll on health. The game requires a lot of energy and even more nutrition and hydration to gain that energy. Adequate nutrition is the first step to fitness. Keeping in mind the essential cricket nutrition, the athletes should incorporate all the five food
groups in their diet in such a quantity that heals and revives them entirely.

The match recovery diet should include all those nutrients that help you replenish the energy departed and rehabilitate the sinewy damage. Here are some ways to proper sports nutrition in order to keep the cricketers in good trim post the game for speedy recovery and preparing them
for the forthcoming games.

  • Complex Carbs: Proper cricketer nutrition should comprise of well structured nutritional regimen. The diet should contain complex carbohydrates. Game drains out carbohydrates in abundance including other nutrients which can be quite detrimental for the health. Carbs are the source of endless energy that helps a player focus better on the game and perform at optimum potential. Moreover, to regain all the lost energy, boost the stamina and prepare well for the forthcoming games, a diet embracing healthy carbohydrates in gracious amounts is a must to keep the athletes fit and in preferable sustenance.Complex Carbs Food Sources: Oats, sweet potato, whole wheat, chickpeas, quinoa, green peas and lentils.
  • Lean Proteins: For better body tolerance, inexhaustible physical agility and better stamina, nutrients play a major role for controlling that. The cricketer’s diet should comprise of sufficient lean proteins for speedy recovery. Low in calories, it improves the
    overall health and boosts energy. It helps built the muscles and repair the wear and tear. Proteins come with multiple health-giving benefits which help restore energy levels and overall the bodily system and stimulate immunity. In order to seek expeditious recuperation, inculcate the food groups accordingly for the maximum benefit.Lean Protein Food Sources: Beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy, fish, paneer and tofu.
  • Hydration: Hydration is very essential not just during the game but even before and after it. Proper hydration helps replenish energy and keeps the body cool. It is vital to restore the nutrients and electrolytes lost during the crucial hours of the game as it can severely dehydrate them. Therefore, adequate fluids should be consumed to ensure that there is no deficit in body that causes fatigue, stress or affects the performance. Cricketers should consume fluids as it keeps the body hydrated with required levels of water. This
    energizes the body and help recover better and quick.Natural Hydration Sources: Plain water, infused water, coconut water, vegetable juice (fresh and unsweetened), water melon and cucumber.
  • Relaxing foods: After a draining session of game, athletes need to calm their bodies apart from rehabilitating the energy levels. Therefore, it’s must to consume such foods and fluids that soothe the bodies and relives from anxiety and stress. Chamomile tea is stacked with antioxidants that stimulates energy, reduces anxiety and depression and improves the quality of sleep. Apart from multiple healthful benefits it is quite relaxing and refreshing. Similarly, vegetable juices are very refreshing. They are loaded with nutrients and promote flourishing immunity. It enhances metabolic processes and improves blood circulation that helps them relax and revitalize.

Over to you
Adequate cricketer nutrition boosts immunity, stimulates the flow energy in the body and increases efficiency while improving on-field performance. So, make sure to always incorporate the followed nutrients for post-match recovery.


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