A Great Game Performance Needs More Than Just A Practice!

By Nmami Agarwal             11/29/2018

A Great Game Performance Needs More Than Just A Practice!

Wonder about a scenario, where you being an athlete are all done with the training/practice and feeling ready from your conscience for tomorrow’s next big competition. But does the training solely, necessary for you as an athlete to succeed? What else should be marked on the first page in order to gather all your confidence? Is that just by sleeping and gulping the necessitated nutrition a night before the tournament? Questions are many but the reason is one and just a second away from you. Let’s unlock the necessity of training along with regular sleep and nutrition as a great game performance needs more than just a practice!

How Sleep And Food Play A Huge Role In Preparing An Athlete For A Major Tournament?

Generally, seven to nine hours of sleep at night is enough for any person but being an athlete while training, you may require more sleep.

“The way an athlete needs extra calories than any other normal person, athlete needs more sleep, too in the same way. As you push your body in intense practice, you need more time to recover. Therefore, athlete in training must sleep about an hour extra. Either go for the sleep earlier, or take a nap in afternoon.

Before stepping to your big game or tournament, do bank some additional sleep. Study conducted at Stanford University verified that increasing sleep to ten hours every night for some time span enhanced athletic performance. In addition, banking some extra sleep will reduce the impact of restricted sleep the night before the tournament.

Nutrition And Diet Requirement

Being an athlete (hockey player) requires a great deal of strength, endurance, agility and speed. Therefore, a hockey player uses both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Also, required to think strategically, must have quick reaction time, display and analysis technical ball movement for the longer duration.

Due to such characteristics, energy required by athletes is high, specifically in tournaments where several games are played over a number of days. It all requires regular consumption of nutrients like protein, carbs and fats including fluid considering there’s high loss of fluid in form of sweat and injuries making nutrition and hydration vital for enduring performance in the battle field.

Daily Training Diet Requirements

The basic training diet should be sufficient to:

  • Provide significant energy and key nutrients to meet daily training and exercise stamina.
  • Improve adaptation and recovery within between the training sessions.
  • Enable an athlete to attain optimal body weight and fat levels to perform on field.
  • Provide sufficient fluids to maximum hydration before, during and after training sessions.
  • Last but not the least; promote both short and long term health.

Over to You:

Including a wide variety of foods such as wholegrain, cereals, lean meat, vegetables (especially leafy greens), fruits and low-fat dairy products including almond, soy or skimmed milk in respective to enhance long term nutritional habits and behaviors in the body system.

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